Information à propos de Chypre

Area (sq km):9,251
FIPS Country Code:CY
ISO Country Code:CY
GRN Office:

Map of Chypre

Map of Chypre

Langues et dialectes parlés en Chypre

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Trouvé 3 noms de langues

Language Names Recordings Available
Arabic, North Levantine: North Lebanese Literary [Lebanon] - Dialect [apc]
Armenian: Western [Iraq] - ISO Language [hyw]
Turc [Turkey] - ISO Language [tur]

People Groups in Chypre

Americans, U.S.; Anglo-Australian; Arab, Egyptian; Arab, Iraqi; Arab, Lebanese; Arab, Maronite; Arab, Syrian; Armenian; British; Bulgarian; Chinese, general; Cypriots, Greek; Cypriots, Turkish; Deaf; Filipino, Tagalog; Georgian; German; Greek; Jew, Greek Speaking; Moldavian; Persian; Polish; Romanian; Russian; Serb; Sinhalese; South Asian, general; Ukrainian; Vietnamese;