Information à propos de Chili

Region:Les Amériques
Area (sq km):756,626
FIPS Country Code:CI
ISO Country Code:CL
GRN Office:GRN Offices in the Americas

Map of Chili

Map of Chili

Langues et dialectes parlés en Chili

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Trouvé 4 noms de langues

Huilliche [Chile] - ISO Language [huh]

Huilliche [Chile] - ISO Language [huh]

Mapudungun; Mapuche; Mapuce [Chile] - ISO Language [arn]

Spanish: Latin America [Colombia] [spa]

Groupes de personnes en Chili

Alacaluf ▪ Americans, U.S. ▪ Arab ▪ Atacameno ▪ Aymara, Central ▪ Basque ▪ British ▪ Chilean ▪ Chinese, general ▪ Deaf ▪ French ▪ German ▪ Greek ▪ Huilliche, Southern Mapuche ▪ Italian ▪ Jew, Spanish Speaking ▪ Latin American, general ▪ Mapuche ▪ Quechua, Chilean ▪ Rapa Nui, Easter Islander ▪ Russian ▪ Serb ▪ Spaniard ▪ Turk ▪ Yamana