Consulting and Research Roles

Consulting and Research Roles

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Linguist/Language Researchers

Those with an interest in languages and linguistics can help us identify and 'target' those language groups most in need of audio gospel materials. With more than 10,000 spoken dialects in the world, the task is huge!


GRN has a need for translators who can communicate effectively in written form in a language other than English. The work includes translating Bible stories, scripts, promotional material and website content. Translators can work flexible hours remotely from their own home or office.


GRN has opportunities for people skilled in writing news articles, promotional materials and scripts. Writers can work flexible hours remotely from their own home or office.


One of the foundations of GRN's ministry is the training provided to our recordists all around the world. GRN needs educators capable of writing training materials for our recordists who come from many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Educators can work flexible hours remotely from their own home or office.


Music plays a significant role in communications. Using the right music and using it well can help communicate the truth of God's word very effectively. GRN has a role for an ethnomusicologist who can help produce music from many different cultures that will enhance the effectiveness of our audio Gospel materials.

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