Canada Praise and Prayer - July 2020

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1. Canada Day - Give thanks to God for the freedom we have to worship our God. Pray for our leaders across the country as they deal with the Coronavirus.

2. Kenya - Walter Okelo, the Kenya director did distribution in June to the western part of the country. Upon returning he was not permitted to enter Nairobi. His letter to travel was cancelled and he is waiting for permission to return to his home. Pray that he will be able to return home this week.

3. Praise God that five people committed their lives to Christ during Walter's distribution trip.

4. The materials were given out to households who are in rural areas. The distribution is in connection with two local pastors. Pray that the GRN audio and picture books will be a blessing to many as they face Covid-19.

5. Due to the Coronavirus the annual GRN business meeting was delayed. We were able to have a Zoom meeting on June 24th. Praise God that it went very well and most of the corporation members were present. Pray for the Board members as they guide the ministry.

6. Kevin and Ruth Horan, stationed in Temecula, California are working from their home. Pray for their two children Zoey and Zachary as they attend summer school two days a week.

7. Kevin and Ruth have applied to transfer to GRN Canada. Pray for our board as they work out the transition in the coming months.

8. Tonight the GRN Canada Board will be meeting via Zoom. We will be welcoming two new board members to our first meeting. Pray for Pierre-Yves and Jon Wilton as they take part in the meeting.

9. Kevin Horan is a US citizen so he needs to apply for a visa to work in Canada. Pray that it will proceed smoothly.

10. Centre leader from Brazil, Dionara Pires, is stuck in Thailand and a long way from home. Give thanks for safe refuge and God's provision. Pray for an opportunity to return home and for God's sustaining grace while she waits for God to provide.

11. Pray for GRN workers as they are facing travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus. Pray for their safety during this time of great concern.

12. Kenya recordist James Shikuku, has been overseeing the translation of the Good News in the Keiyo language. It is now translated and ready for recording and later editing. Pray for a safe and opportune time to make the recording.

13. We want to give thanks to GRN Netherlands for a donation of 2,500 Euros for recording projects in Kenya. Pray for the team in the Netherlands as they share in the task of reaching all language groups.

14. Pray for Chucho, Chuy and their families in Mexico as they deal with high inflation and heavy restrictions in their work. Pray for good opportunities to contact partners to both record and distribute recordings. Pray for the many volunteers who would normally be preparing teams to take the Gospel to itinerant farm workers during the harvests.

15. Pray for Chucho and Diana (Mexico) as they explore school options for their children. The ever increasing cost of the Christian school is becoming more difficult to meet.

16. Pray GRN will make progress in recording the remaining unrecorded languages. There are several thousand of them, including those in the language-rich countries of India, PNG and Indonesia. With Christ's glory at stake in every language group, ask God to thrust forth recording teams and recordist trainers to accelerate the recording of all languages.

17. GRN has a team in the Philippines based in the capital of Manila and led by Jurine Tolentino. He is also a key part of the recording team. There is much recording work and distribution to be done in the Philippines and much progress could be made with a large influx of workers, funds and prayer support. Pray for this.

18. Give thanks that 5fish has been returned to the Google App store after being removed for technical reasons. Pray for 5fish to work reliably, so that many people will hear the good news in the language that they understand best.

19. Pray for the Namuyi people of China. Most Namuyi are Tibetan Buddhists and very resistant to the Gospel. This, and their geographic isolation, make them hard to access. Pray for the salvation of the Namuyi people.

20. Many of our global staff are still in lockdown and are working out of their homes. Pray that God's grace will sustain them during this prolonged trial, and that they will use the time wisely.

21. Graydon Colville is in his last term as GRN's International Director (ID). A search committee has been appointed to find the next ID. Pray for the committee to be united in recognizing God's choice for the next GRN leader and for this person to also recognize God's call and respond to it.

22. Pray for the Kuan people of central Laos in Southeast Asia to come to know the Living Christ. Traditionally the Kuan were animists, there is now a growing Buddhist influence. There are no known Christians among the Kuan. Pray that a GRN team will soon go to them and introduce them to the One who said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."

23. It's natural to be concerned about how this pandemic is affecting our donors. Will they still be able to support us? Will we still be able to do our work? Let us give thanks to God that He is our source of supply and He is faithful.

24. Pray for Jon Rulison as he coordinates recordist training, and works through challenges such as training French/Spanish speaking people, finding training avenues for linguistics and script writing around the world. Pray for our recordists and their ultimate goal of telling the story of Jesus effectively in many different languages.

25. The Garre people live on the Upper Jubba River in Somalia, East Africa. Most are nomadic herdsmen, seasonally migrating with their camels, sheep, and goats. Pray that God will reveal Himself to this people group. May God give a GRN recording team the burden and opportunity to deliver the good news to the Garre people.

26. Pray for a great increase in the number of people who hear the gospel through the 5fish phone app, GRN websites and personal encounters. Pray the GRN materials will be shared far and wide.

27. We ask for God's wisdom, blessing and protection on all families and marriages within the GRN network around the world.

28. Pray for Kenny and Joan McKee, "We are hoping to make many new contacts to promote our work here in Scotland. We love to work alongside other missions who can make use of our materials in their ministries."

29. Diane Roberts, the financial assistant in our office has been working from home. She was able to come into the office near the end of July. I give thanks for Diane's faithful service in making sure we keep accurate financial records.

30. Once the pandemic restrictions ease up, the GRN team in Nigeria will resume their ministry of recording and distributing gospel messages in many languages spoken in their country. Pray for their protection from militant Muslims that are active in their area.

31. Pray for God's continued blessing on the ministry of GRN. Pray for protection of our national missionaries who are in over 20 countries.

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