Ministry Opportunities with GRN USA

Ministry Opportunities with GRN USA

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We are looking for servants of God. Come join us.

This section describes positions rather than tasks and short term missions. Positions are filled by personnel who may be permanent missionaries with GRN USA, or they may be filled temporarily by a student as an intern; applying previously learned skills to the real world. They may be filled by someone who does not need the income, as a volunteer. When one fills a position as a missionary or an intern, they must raise their own support for income, whereas the volunteer receives no money. All positions are in the GRN USA Temecula, CA office unless otherwise noted.

Regional Partnership Development Representative

Contact mission and church headquarters in the USA to build relationships for use of GRN materials. Visit potential and existing USA partner missions and churches. Participate in USA conferences representing GRN. Possible visits to other GRN Centers worldwide.

Information Technology Manager

Manages the activities of the mission's information systems which provide the technological platform from which much of the mission's work springs from, from recording to it's distribution of messages around the world.


Ensures that various office management and secretarial duties are accomplished promptly and efficiently, which aids all members of the mission in performing their duties in a timely manner, which contributes to the spreading of the gospel around the world.

Operations Director

Manages the order, production, studio and shipping departments in relation to the production and distribution of GRN products. Supervises the Property Manager, IT Manager, Office Manager, Media Manager, Language Tracking Manager and HR Manager. Operational but not managerial oversight is given over the Mobilization Director, Distribution Director, Finance Director, International Ministries Director and Partnership Development Director.

Linux Systems Administrator

Performs basic systems security administration functions, including creating customer profiles and accounts, monitors and manages system resources, including CPU usage, disk usage, tape backup systems; performs systems backups and recovery procedures; writes or modifies basic scripts to resolve performance problems.

  • Linux
  • PostGreSQL
  • Samba

Studio Administrative Assistant

Studio Administrative Assistant will work with volunteers, keep the GRN audio archive organized and process new recordings that come in from around the world.


As an Ambassador working full or part time you will enjoy the excitement of getting others involved in the Great Commission and seeing them join with GRN in getting the gospel to the many unreached Bible less people groups around the world.

Partnership Development Executive Assistant

Assist the Partnership Develoment Director with recruiting, supervising, and supporting Regional PD Representatives in building and maintaining relationships with mission and church headquarters in the US. Research and work with foundations and donors for partnership funding. Opportunity for travel to visit Regional PD Representatives, mission and church headquarters, donors, and other GRN Centers worldwide.

Sign Language Specialist

Lead the development of a new program for the creation of the first sign language GRN messages. Define new positions for sign language messages such as Sign Language Recordist & Language Tracking Sign Language Specialist. Define new International Sign Language Coordinator, for the management of personnel, processes and technical issues in the distinction of sign language message over spoken messages, if needed.

Audio Technician

Work to ensure that original recordings are digitized and made available for worldwide use, which contributes practically to the creation of messages used in spreading of the gospel around the world.


We have many needs. Just because we do not a have position description that matchs you do not assume we do not have the need. We may not know that the expertise that you have will fill a missing void in "Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language" because you have not mentioned it to us. We may have been too busy to have written the description.

Member Care Facilitator

Aides the Human Recordings and More Manager in the care and feeding of the mission staff, thereby helping to ensure the spiritual and physical health of mission members. This allows the staff and mission to fully devote its energies to the task of sharing the gospel.


Aide the Finance Director with the receipting of financial resources, which thereby aids and provides funds to continue the spreading of the gospel around the world.

Shipping Assistant

Aids in the packaging and mailing of sound recordings from the USA Center, thus spreading the gospel around the world.

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