God's Hatred of Sin

God's Hatred of Sin

Esquema: Refers to traditional tribal religious customs. "We did not know" the truth: peace from God; His words; His hatred of sin; Jesus' death in our place. Punishment great for those who refuse Jesus. Warning to Christians about going back to old ways. God does not let sin go unpunished. Good for areas where there are nominal Christians. Is both evangelistic and teaching.

Número de guión: 041

Idioma: Tok Pisin: PNG

Tema: Sin and Satan (Sin, disobedience, Punishment for guilt); Christ (Son of God, Saviour of Sinful Men); Belief System (Witchcraft, paganism); Character of God (Bridges); Living as a Christian (Peace with God)

Audiencia: Animist; Muslim; General; New Christian

Estilo: Monolog

Tipo: Exhortation

Propósito: Evangelism; Teaching

Citación Biblica: Paraphrase

Estado: Publishable

Guión de texto

Yupela i kam harim dispela tok. Longpela taim yumi i bin bihainim pasin bilong tumbuna bilong yumi. Yumi i bin mekim planti kain pasin bilong amamas long giaman god ((stretem ((mekim-i-dai)) belhat bilong ol dewel nogut.)) (Yumi i bin kilim pik na kakaruk bilong olsem.) Yumi i mekim olsem bai ol i no ken sutim yumi. Tasol ol dispela pasin i no mekim bel ((tingting)) bilong yumi i stap isi. Nogat. Tingting bilong yumi i bel hevi yet. Bipo, yumi i no save. God tasol inap long mekim bel bilong mipela i stap gutpela. Yumi bin pait na stil na mekim planti kain pasin nogut. Tasol dispela pasin i no givim amamas long yumi. God wanpela tasol i ken mekim yumi stap amamas.

Tasol harim! Nau mi ken tokim yupela long tok bilong God. God i no laik tru long pasin nogut. (Manmeri i mekim pasin nogut, God bai i mekim save long ol. Em bai i salim ol i go long ples paia. Long ples paia ol i pilim planti pen, na ol i stap oltaim oltaim.) Manmeri i mekim pasin nogut ol i no inap go long ples bilong God. Tasol God i laikim tumas olgeta manmeri, na olsem em i no laik ((tingting)) long bagarapim ol. Olsem God i bin salim pikinini bilong em Jisas i kam long graun.

Jisas i kam na em i dai long diwai kros. Jisas i pikim planti pen. Yumi bin mekim pasin nogut, na God i gat belhat long yumi. Jisas i dai long stretim ((mekim-i-dai)) belhat bilong God. (Yu harim dispela tok na yu tingting.) Olsem yu (ting yu ken) mekim pasin nogut na yu tok em i samting nating, a? Nogat. Yumi no ken mekim olsem. Jisas i bin dai long diwai kros bilong strongim ((helpim)) yumi. Olsem bai yumi kisim strong long ((na)) givim beksait long pasin nogut.

Yu i bihainim Jisas pinis, a? Yu tok olsem: Jisas i tekewe ((rausim)) pinis pasin nogut bilong yu. Em i gutpela. Tasol, bilong wanem yu mekim pasin nogut olsem bipo? Yu laik givim beksait long Jisas a?

Yu tok - yu lain bilong Jisas a? Tasol, sapos yu bihainim pasin bilong Setan, yu semim ((mekim nogut long)) nem bilong Jisas. Sapos yu bin givim beksait long pasin nogut, gutpela, yu stap olsem. Yu no ken surik na go bek long pasin bilong Setan. Yu bihainim pasin bilong God tasol. God i tok olsem long ol manmeri bilong em:- Bodi bilong yu, em i haus bilong Spirit bilong God. Bodi bilong yu i no bilong yu yet. Dewel ((Spirit)) bilong yu, i no bilong yu yet. Bodi na dewel ((spirit)) bilong yu i bilong God. Jisas i bin dai long diwai kros na i ((Jisas i bin)) givim bikpela pe long baim yu. Olsem yu mas litimapim nem bilong God. Olgeta samting yu mekim, yu mak mekim gutpela. Olsem bai God i ken amamas long yu. God i tok olsem long ol manmeri bilong em. (PAUSE)

Nau yu tingting. Sapos yu tingting ((wok)) long litimapim nem bilong yu yet, na daunim nem bilong arapela man, bai God i amamas long dispela pasin a? Nogat tru. Sapos yu mekim pasin pamuk - yu ting dispela pasin i litimapim nem bilong God a? Nogat. Manmeri i mekim olsem, ol i no tingting gut ((stret)).

Sapos yu dring bia. - Yu ting God i amamas long yu? Nogat tru. Manmeri i dring bia, ol bai i longlong nabaut, na ol bai i kros pait na mekim planti pasin nogut. Olsem God i no laik tru long dispela pasin. (Sapos yu pait na tok kros, yu ting God i laikim dispela pasin a?) Sapos tingting bilong yu i kros nogut long arapela, yu ting God i no lukim a? Noguat. God i lukim pinis tingting bilong yu, na em i no amamas long dispela pasin. Sapos yu gat sik na yu singaut long sanguma i kam long helpim yu. (Sapos yupela planim yam mami, na yupela amamas long em na masalai.) Yu ting God i amamas long dispela pasin a? Nogat. God i belhat long ol manmeri i mekim olsem. Ol dispela pasin nogut em i wok bilong Setan. Setan i laik giamanim yumi. Sapos yumi bihainim Setan yumi bai i go long ples nogut. (PAUSE)

God i lukim pinis olgeta pasin nogut bilong yumi. (Olsem i no inap long tok olsem: Pasin nogut bilong yupela i samting nating. Nogat. Em bai i mekim save long yumi long pasin nogut bilong yumi. Planti manmeri i holim strong pasin nogut, na ol i givim beksait long Jisas. Olsem, God i no inap tingting gut long ol ((God i no amamas long dispela pasin.)). Buk bilong God i tok olsem. Bihain, yumi olgeta i mas samap long bikot (( bikpela toktok)) bilong God. Olgeta samting ((wok)) ((pasin)) yumi bin mekim bai i kamap long ples klia, bai olgeta manmeri i lukim. Jisas bai i lukim ((glasim))wok bilong yumi wan wan. Ol manmeri i stap yet long pasin nogut. Jisas ((em)) bai i tokim ol olsem: Yupela manmeri mekim pasin nogut. - Yupela klia long mi, mi no save long yupela. Moabeta yumi tingting long Jisas nau, na bihainim em. Na long olgeta de, yumi bihainim ol tok bilong em. Sapos yumi mekim olsem, bai yum i amamas tru.

(The following examples could be substituted or added if it is felt they are more appropriate.)

Sapos yu mangalim samting bilong arapela manmeri, na yu tingting long kisim. Yu ting God i amamas long yu a? Nogat. Yu mas amamas long ol samting bilong yu yet na yu no ken tingting long kisim samting bilong arapela.

Sapos yu pilai laki, yu ting dispela pasin i litimapim God a? Nogat. Sapos yu pilai laki yu olsem stilman.

Sapos ol i mekim singsing nogut, na yu wantaim ol. Yu ting God i ken amamas long yu? Nogat. Yu mas tingting, bodi bilong em i haus bilong Spirit bilong God. Na yu no ken mekim nogut long em.

(( )) indicates an alternative expression

( ) indicates that this section may be left out for reasons of difficulty in translation or inability to include within time limit of recording.

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