Esquema: Almost the same as "Spread the Good News." Contains a little more explanation of what the message is that they are giving.

Número de guión:301
Tema:Witnessing; Love of God; Saviour of Sinful Men; Shame
Audiencia:New Christian
Tipo:Messages and Fiction
Citación Biblica:None

Este guión es una guía básica para la traducción y grabación en otros idiomas. Debe ser adaptados a diferentes culturas e idiomas para que sea relevante a cada área donde se utiliza. Algunos términos y conceptos utilizados pueden necesitar una explicación más detallada o incluso omitirse en diferentes culturas.

Guión de texto

1. Good day! (Use typical tribal greeting). Where are you going?

2. (Greetings returned to one man). We are going to two villages to preach the Gospel (message) of Jesus Christ to them. You can come with us if you like.

1. Oh, I think I will stay here. I would like to go, but I am ashamed a little bit.

2. Hey, what is the matter with you? It is not good to be lazy in taking God's message to people who do not know it. If everyone was ashamed to tell others about Jesus, no one would know about God and His great love (pity) for us. It is not good that you are ashamed! When we take God's message to others we are doing what God tells us to do. It is a testimony (mark, sign) that we belong to Him. It also shows that we like the people we go and preach to also. We want them to know God. Someone brought God's message to us. Now we must take it to others!

1. You know that those two villages are a long way. My legs would get very tired if I went there. Then, I don't think those people would give us any food to eat when we got there!

2. Hey! It isn't good for you to think only about your body (legs)* and your stomach! We are not going there to get something from the people, we are going there to give them something. God's words are like food and drink to people who receive them. God gives us a big blessing (makes our hearts very happy) when we do this work for Him and take His words to other people. We usually sing, and afterwards speak to the people about Jesus. We tell them why He died on the cross. How God can take away (forgive) our sins, and we tell them how we can become God's children. We talk about things like this. Then we sit down with the people and answer any questions that they ask us. Sometimes we go into their houses and tell them Bible stories (lessons) we have learned. Some of us tell what Jesus has done in our own lives. It is a very good time. If someone had not come to tell you, how would you know about Jesus, our Saviour?

1. My, Your words make me ashamed that I have never done this work before. I thought it was only for missionaries, pastors, and teachers!

2. True, it is their work too, but it is work for all of us. God says that all of us should learn His words and understand them well. He also says that all Christians should be telling others His words. God's work is very big and it cannot be done by just a few people. Many people will never hear and understand unless many people do His work.

1. You wait just a little bit. I will get my things (food, clothes) and come with you. I see now that everyone must help tell others about Jesus.