The Only True God (adapted for Thailand)

Esquema: This dialogue uses the thoughts about idols from Psalm 115, adapted for demons and idol worshippers. Ends with explanation of Christ's death and resurrection.

Número de guión: 153

Idioma: English

Tema: Evil Spirits, demons; Love of God; Death of Christ

Audiencia: Animist; Buddhist; Rural, developing

Estilo: Dialog

Tipo: Messages and Fiction

Sofisticación: Simple

Propósito: Evangelism

Citación Biblica: None

Estado: Publishable

Guión de texto

(Sound of pounding rice)
1. Number Three, what are you doing?
2. Pounding rice. My daughter has gone to buy some beeswax.
1. I’ll help you. (pause 3 sec. for sound effect of pig).
2. Get out! Get out!
1. Are you going to worship the demons?
2. Yes, that’s right. My wife is sick. Don’t you worship the demons any more?
1. No, I worship my Creator now. I have entered Jesus.
2. Don’t the demons get angry with you? Don’t they bite you?
1. Yes, they get angry with me because I don’t feed them, but they cannot bite me because God is mightier than they, and they fear Him.
2. I’m not brave enough to enter Jesus. I am too afraid.
1. What do you fear?
2. I fear my relatives, and I fear the demons.
1. Are your relatives above God? Are the demons above God?
2. No. The old men say that there is none above God.
1. If there is nobody above God, it is Him you should fear. If you fear the demons now, when you die you’ll fear God, because He will judge you. If you fear God now, when you die you will not fear the demons, but will go to be with God and be happy for ever.
2. If I don’t offer to the demons, what will happen to my ancestral spirits?
1. The demons are not your ancestral spirits. The demons lie that they are, so that you will offer to them. To offer to demons is to sin against God your Creator
2. I am afraid of God. What shall I do?
1. God’s Son Jesus died for you, and if you believe in Him, and enter Him, God will forgive your sin, give you a new heart, and be your Father forever.
2. You say Jesus died for me? What do you mean?
1. When Jesus died, although He had no sin, He carried your sins, and gave Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of all men. He died for (list local tribes and clans) the Shan, for the Lahu, for the Chinese, for the Lisu -- for the Woods, the Fishes, the Honeys, the Hemps, the Buckwheats, the Lis, and the Yangs. He died for you.
2. If you say He died for me, I will enter, and walk His road forever.

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