No More Tears

Esquema: In Farai and Shuvai’s stories we see two different realities: In Farai we see a young man who has made one wrong decision He had sex only once with a woman he didn’t know and he got infected with HIV. Later he marries Shuvai. Shuvai had only one sexual partner, her husband, Shuvai, whom she trusted. And she got infected with HIV. He confessed and she had to forgive, but they're both very uninformed about HIV. Later when Shuvai discovers that she is HIV positive and pregnant, they are very concerned about the risk of passing the virus to the baby. They were lucky: They chose to go to a medical clinic and were introduced to Anti-Retrovirals. There was hope. We see Farai and Shuvai's baby born healthy with no trace of the virus in her blood.

Número de guión: V005

Idioma: English: Southern Africa

Estilo: Multiple voices

Tipo: Messages and Fiction

Sofisticación: General

Propósito: Teaching; Welfare

Estado: Publishable

Guión de texto


# The young girl, Lerato, is asleep in her bed. She is restless, fidgety. She’s dreaming.
:: Music. Restless noises.

2. [IC #1 / #2 / #3]
# THE DREAM: Lerato is dreaming that black ropes come from the corners of her bedroom while she is asleep and wraps around her. It is so tight that she cannot breath.
:: Music. Yelling. Heavy breathing.

3. She wakes up yelling.
LERATO: Help! Help! I can’t breathe! The ropes are strangling me! Help! I can’t breathe!

# Lerato is sweating and wet. She sits down on her bed and talks to herself.
LERATO: This dream is bothering me. I have to speak to someone about it. I really have to speak to someone about it.

# She remembers what happened that night about a year ago. She is watching TV with Rapula. They are alone and she is a bit bored. He is playing cards and drinking.
RAPULA: Hey girl, why don’t you have a drink with me? What’s wrong with you? Don’t be so stuck up, there’s nothing on TV. Come play cards with your uncle.
LERATO: You’re in my way.
RUPULA: I’m home now.
LERATO: Don’t stand there
RUPULA: We sure do drink it. We sure do drink this alcohol. Yeah, we drink it.
RUPULA: Lerato, It looks like you are dying of boredom. What’s wrong?
LERATO: I’m watching TV.
RUPULA: Rather have a drink with your uncle
LERATO: I don’t drink. You know that.
RUPULA: Just to do away this the boredom?
LERATO: No, stop it.
RUPULA: Ok let’s play cards then
LERATO: Bring them.
RUPULA: Sure, let me get them. Lerato, Your playing against your own uncle now.

# Lerato doesn’t like him at all. Her displeasure shows on her face but here is nothing worthwhile on TV. She sits opposite him and he pours her a drink.
LERATO: What are we playing?
RAPULA: Let’s play Take Two.
LERATO: You must play nicely Rapula. I don’t like it when you cheat.
RAPULA: We are going to have fun now.
LERATO: Move away the cigarette, it smells bad.
LERATO: What is this? Are you chicken?
RAPULA: Take that!
LERATO: We’ll see if you can keep that up.
RAPULA: Have some
LERATO: No, I don’t drink uncle!
RAPULA: Come om have a sip. There you go! What does it taste like. What does it taste like. Play on!
LERATO: Hey uncle this alcohol doesn’t taste nice.
RAPULA: Play on! Have another sip. That’s more like it.
LERATO: Your bringing more.
RAPULA: Yes, You are going to have fun with your uncle, Lerato
LERATO: What is this? Cold drink?
RAPULA: This is cider and it’s very nice. Taste the goodness. That’s it. Drink up ‘Rato. It’s nice eh? It taste like cold drink doesn’t it?
LERATO: Keep playing uncle, don’t forget to play.
RAPULA: Can’t you see that your uncle loves you?
LERATO: Yes. A lot

# Rapula clicks his tongue with discern. They play and he keeps watching her as she sips her drink.
LERATO: Mmm not bad! This is nice, what is it? Doesn’t it make you drunk?
RAPULA: This stuff? Makes you drunk? Never!
# Rapula gives a good laugh as he fills up her glass.
RAPULA: No, this is like cool drink. It just makes you relax. Let’s see which cards do you have?
LERATO: Check! I won! I’m going to sleep now. Check.
RAPULA: Yes I admit you won. Now let’s go sleep.

# Lerato drinks from her glass as if it is cool drink. RAPULA fills her glass and she finishes that as well. He deals the playing cards, but it falls from Lerato’s hands. She is intoxicated by the alcohol, uncle walks around the table and helps her up.
RAPULA: Oh Lerato, come on your uncle will help you to bed. Aah good. Uncle will take you to your bedroom
LERATO: No I can take myself
LERATO: No I can take myself.
RAPULA: Slowly now. Stand. Up, up.
LERATO: See I can walk by myself
RAPULA: No I’ll take you.
# Picture de-focuses.

# Curtain is moving in the wind. Shows when Lerato wakes up the following morning. A sheet covers her and the room is in disarray. She sits up and looks bewildered.
LERATO: YO. What? I’ve been raped!? My uncle raped me! Uncle Rapula? That dog!
# Lerato pulls the sheet over her face and starts crying

# Lerato getting out of bed. She buttons her blouse – talking to herself (echo VO)
LERATO: I have to tell someone. My parents won’t believe that I’ve been raped by my mom’s brother. I know they won’t understand. She will not believe me. Oh, it doesn’t help thinking about that night. The whole family knew that he had aids and they couldn’t do anything about it. Uncle Rapula and his wife are both dead now, so it’s useless. I have to go to the clinic to get tested for this illness everybody’s talking about. AIDS

# Lerato outside consulting room at the clinic in the waiting room with people. A door opens and a sister comes out. Lerato looks at the motions as if she is hypnotized.
:: Music
# Lerato enters the room. Door closes. (Avoid the use of the name Lerato).
LERATO: Good Morning
SISTER: Good morning. Please take a seat. How can I help you? Can I help you?
LERATO: Yes M’am (Lerato replies softly and nervously). I want to be tested.
# Sister touches her hand sympathetically.
SISTER: You can relax. Everything we are going to say in this room is confidential.

# Lerato starts talking in short sentences.
LERATO: M’am. A few months ago I was raped by my uncle
# Sister takes her hand sympathetically.
SISTER: It is good that you want to be tested, is there anything else you would like to say?
# Lerato stutters as she speaks.
LERATO: My uncle and his wife died of AIDS

# Sister squeezes her hand encouragingly.
SISTER: Yes carry on.
LERATO: He wasn’t the first man I had sex with. I’ve started having sex at the age of fourteen.
# Sister leans forward.
LERATO I did this because I wanted to please my friends.
SISTER: I take it that you are here because you suspect that you are HIV positive?
LERATO: Not HIV! But AIDS, the disease everyone is talking about the illness that so many people are dying of. Where does Aids come from?
SISTER: Aids is a virus that attacks your white blood cells. Research tells us that it can take up to 7 to 10 years after getting HIV- positive before a person gets AIDS.
# Sister takes an information leaflet from the table and gives it to Lerato. She puts on her gloves.
SISTER: The better you prepare yourself, the better off you will be. The more you look after yourself and follow a healthy diet, the longer it takes for the virus to turns into AIDS.
# Sister explains.
SISTER: If you test positive for HIV, you have to look out for infections like colds and flu; TB and diarrhea. You should also avoid pregnancy, as the virus can be given to the baby.

SISTER: Do you still want to be tested?
Lerato nods yes.
# Sister puts her gloves on.
SISTER: I’m going to do the test now. Please give me your finger?
# Sister gets a needle and some cotton wool and a plaster. She tests Lerato.
SISTER: Please wait outside. I will call you in a few minutes for your results.

# Show the clock on the wall as it ticks away. CU on Lerato’s face and hands and aids posters on the wall. CA on other patients.
:: Music

# Eventually the door opens and she is called in. Sister sits down and takes her hand.
SISTER: Your results are ready. I am terribly sorry but your test shows that you are HIV positive.
# Lerato becomes hysterical.
LERATO: What! That can’t be true. Please say that you’ve made a mistake. No! Not me! I’m not HIV positive! I’m not HIV positive! I don’t have AIDS!
SISTER: Sit down and let’s talk.
# Sister puts her arms around her to comfort her.
SISTER: I want you to know that here at the clinic we will help you with all your needs. We will give you support during this difficult time. If there’s anything you need you can visit is here at the clinic. Is there anything else you would like to ask?
SISTER: Then I believe that we are done.
# Lerato departs

# Lerato runs through the field/bushes. She pounds the ground with her fists. She looks up and yells out long and hard.
LERATO: I won’t die alone. Today I swear. I won’t die alone! I will enjoy my life!

# Lerato busy talking on cellphone.
# Lerato and boyfriend in a dark alley
# Lerato and boyfriend in a car.
:: Music

# In her room getting ready for another party in front of the mirror talking to herself.
LERATO: Today I’m getting myself a rich guy with a nice car. Maybe I can grab two guys! They don’t know me. I’m Lerato. I won’t die alone, will I? No, I won’t!
# Lerato gives an ugly laugh. She paints her lips red and puts a kiss on the mirror. Takes her bag over her shoulder and leaves the room with swinging hips.
:: Music

# Lights of the Pink Panther nightclub with young people in small groups with glasses and bottles in their hands dancing. Lerato comes round the corner and join her female friends.
FEMALE 1: Hey Lerato!
FEMALE 2: Hi Sexy friend!
FRIEND1: Are you OK? You look so hot! Turn around for me.
LERATO: I’ll be back soon. I need to get a drink.
FRIEND1: Just one
LERATO: Make it two to start with
BARMAN: How are you doing, Lerato? Seems to me you never miss out on the fun hey?
LERATO: You’ve got that right Mr. Barman! Life’s too short! I’m here to enjoy myself! Two of the usual please. The water of life. Ha-ha!
MALE 1: Hello beautiful
LERATO: Hi darling
MALE 2: You have two beers. Where’s your partner?
LERATO: I’m still looking man!
MALE 1 I’m right here, baby.
FEMALE 1: There is one in the corner
FEMALE 2 Behind you, close to the door
LERTAO: Let me go check him out.

# Lerato is moving through the dancing crowd closer to a young man standing alone leaning against the wall close to the door.
LERATO Hi there!
LERATO: I haven’t seen you around before?
BONGANI: Pardon?
LERATO: I say, I haven’t seen you around before? Are you having fun?
# Bongani looks uncomfortable.
BONGANI: I’m not really the disco type. I’m visiting a friend and this was his idea, but it is not too bad.
# Lerato stands closer to him.
LERATO: Shame! You are not the disco type! It’s a lot of fun man. Please help me with the bottle. This is for my special guest
BONGANI: Thanks!
LERATO: Ok, tell me your name?
BONGANI: Bongani. And your name?
LERATO: I’m Lerato Special, isn’t it?
LERATO: Have some and let’s enjoy ourselves
BONGANI: No I don’t drink
LERATO: Agh. A little bit can’t do harm. Come taste! It is fun water! The water of life!
LERATO: It’s going down well. Let’s do a few steps!
# Lerato is pulling his arm to join the dancing people.

# Back to Lerato and Bongani enjoying the dancing and drinking
LERATO: Time to fill up Bongan
BONGANI: You are a very good dancer
LERATO: Ya man, let’s just drink and dance and enjoy
LERATO: Take a sip of mine Wow! Goes down well, doesn’t it?
LERATO: We’ll have some more later on
LERATO: So where are you going afterwards?
BONGANI: I’m going home
LERATO: Where?
BONGANI: I’m just going to sleep

# Variety of disco shots of people dancing and drinking and disco lights
# Zoom into Lerato and Bongani dancing and showing signs of drunkenness. She is obviously trying her best to seduce him and is very flirty

# EXT shot outside disco. Lerato and Bongani appears in the door and walk closely together into the dark night.
BONGANI: Where are we going darling?
LERATO: To my place
BONGANI: I came with my friend!
LERATO: Yes but I feel lonely tonight!
BONGANI: So should I just leave him here
LERATO: Yes. Bongani You are special to me!
BONGANI: But Lerato …
LERATO: Let’s go Tshepi, please

# The two arrive at the door. She starts to unbuttoning her blouse. Door closes behind them.

# Door opens and Bongani comes out fastening his belt He looks very unsettled and unhappy and walks down the street out of shot
BONGANI: (Thinking) What have I done! I have to get out of here. What have I done!

# Ambulance in front of Lerato’s house. Her father and mother stand to one side. She talks to her parents, they reply.
LERATO: I don’t want to die. I don’t have any friends left. I am alone and afraid.
MOM: Lerato my child. God is here with us.
LERATO: I’m dying mom.
MOM: We care for you Lerato
LERATO: Take care when I go
DAD: We love you Lerato
LERATO: I am very tied

# Lerato’s condition in hospital has deteriorated considerably. There are sores around her mouth. Nokwezi is a beautiful young nurse that takes care of her. Lerato is difficult. There is another patient next to her
NOKWEZI: Morning everyone
LERATO: Good morning? Ghu!
NOKWEZI: Now it’s your turn.
LERATO: Turn for what?
NOKWEZI: To be cared for.
# Lerato turns her head away and puts her hand over her eyes. She is unfriendly.
LERATO: Close that curtain! The light is too bright.
NOKWEZI: But we are difficult today! I want to make you comfortable
# Nokwezi closes the curtains, fluffs the pillow and hums
LERATO: And stop that singing. I have a splitting headache.
NOKWEZI: I’m only trying to help you. What’s wrong?
LERATO: No! Help yourself!

# The patient talks to Nokwezi.
NOKWEZI: Hello M’am
PATIENT: Hello Sister
NOKWEZI: How do you feel?
PATIENT: Much better
PATIENT: How long have you been married?
NOKWEZI: Six months. I am so happy and Bongani is so good to me!
LERATO: She is beautiful and healthy and I’m not. I could have been like her, but I’m not, I hate her!

# Again Nokwezi tries to help Lerato, but she doesn’t want help. She tries to give her medicine but Lerato slams it away. Nokwezi is patiently doing her job.
NOKWEZI i: I want to help you.
NOKWEZI: Her are you tablets Lerato
LERATO: No I don’t want them. They stink a lot.
NOKWEZI: I’m only trying to help you.
LERATO: Get lost

30. KITCHEN Conginha
# Bongani at their house. She is preparing dinner in the kitchen. Nokwezi discusses her difficult patient with her husband
NOKWEZI: You know Bongani, I don’t understand this new patient at all. She is dying from Aids, but no matter what I do, I’m trying to help her but she keeps pushing me away when I’m trying to help her
BONGANI: Well, maybe she is afraid, that’s all I can think of. Maybe she is hiding her feelings. You should try and make friends with her
# Nokwezi is putting the food on the table.

# Back at the hospital. Nokwezi puts the thermometer under Lerato’s arm. Bongani comes to see Nokwezi. She walks out to meet him in the corridor. Lerato is curious to find out whom Nokwezi is married to and what he looks like.
NOKWEZI: Morning Lerato. Lift your arms up. I’ll be back now. I’m just going to see my husband.
NOKWEZI: How are you?
BONGANI: I’m fine thanks and you?
# From her bed Lerato looks down the corridor to see Nokwezi and Bongani
LERATO: (THINKING V/O) That man. Where have I seen him before.?I must remember let me think. I definitely know that man?
# Montage of different men whom Lerato had relations with: (See # 17).
Suddenly she remembers him from the Pink Panther.
LERATO: (THINKING V/O). I remember! The Pink Panther!
# Lerato positions herself against the pillows, her condition is getting worse.
# Nokwezi comes back. While she is attending to Lerato she tells her to come close because she has something to say.
NOKWEZI: Your temperature is getting better
# Lerato grabs Nokwezi’s arm
LERATO: Your husband. I know him. We slept together two years ago at a party at a night club! I certainly hope that he has the disease like I have.
# Nokwezi is shocked.
NOKWEZI: No! You must be mistaken! My husband is not that type. It can’t be true.
# Lerato smiles and closes her eyes. Nokwezi looked stunned

# Nokwezi in the kitchen. Bongani arrives and wants to pour milk in a glass. Nokwezi decides to tell him what Lerato said.
BONGANI: Ahh. Hallo my beautiful wife.
NOKWEZI: Bongani, there is something we have to talk about, I am so upset.
# Nokwezi wrings her hands nervously.
NOKWEZI: You remember that patient I told you about. The one that is so difficult?
BONGANI: (Nods yes) The one with AIDS?
# Nokwezi walks past Bongani. Upset.
NOKWEZI: Well she saw you at the hospital and she says that she knows you from two years ago.

# Bongani stiffens. He walks to the window, he starts talking. (Flash back on Pink Panther and V/O)
BONGANI: (THINKING V/O) This can’t be true! I was there once with my friend, but that was two years ago. I did meet a girl no this cannot be true! Everything happened so fast that night and I messed up. I lost my head
# A shocked silence hang between Bongani and Nokwezi o. Eventually Bongani starts to speak.
BONGANI: I had never been with a woman before that night and I’ve never been with a woman since, except you. It was a big mistake and I ask for your forgiveness
# Nokwezi is angry.
NOKWEZI: Why didn’t you tell me Bongani? How could you mislead me like that? I trusted you.
# Bongani tries to comfort her.
BONGANI: Please forgive me Nokwezi! God has forgiven me, and I really need your forgiveness too!
# Nokwezi is upset.
NOKWEZI: You know what this means? We will both have to be tested for AIDS. I will arrange that we go as soon as possible.
# Nokwezi looks worried and Bongani looks shocked.
BONGANI: Bongani, there is something you should know. I think I am pregnant.

# The door opens and they enter into the room. Fast-mo / strobe of situation. The Conversation. Dr. does blood-tests on Nokwezi and Bongani. They walk out of the room.
DOCTOR: What can I do for you?
NOKWEZI: We’re here for an AIDS test.
DOCTOR: Are you fine with being tested now?
NOKWEZI: Yes doctor
DOCTOR: Fine. I will test you.
# After the test
DOCTOR: Please wait outside until I call you for your results

# Exterior of hospital with people walking in and out.
:: Music AND BUZZ.

# Doctor opens the door and invitee them back into the room. They walk into the surgery.
DOCTOR: I have very important information for you. Unfortunately you both tested positive for HIV. It is important for you to know that you have a very good chance to live a quality life.
# Bongani and Nokwezi both look very worried
DOCTOR: You see the situation with this virus works like this. The more sexual partners you have, the more difficult it becomes to treat the different manifestations of the virus. That is why it is good to use condoms.
# Doctor picks up an information leaflet.
DOCTOR: The normal period that the virus slumbers before turning into AIDS, is more or less 7 to 10 years.
# Doctor hands the information leaflet to Bomgani and points at the poster.
DOCTOR: Here I have an information leaflet with guidelines on what kind of food you should eat. It is very important that you keep to these guidelines. I want you to read this. You need to start taking the antiretroviral medication I’m subscribing to you. And it also is important to check your diet, eat lots of vegetables, but exercise is also important

# Nokwezi talks to Doctor.
NOKWEZI: Doctor, I’m sure that you will understand that this whole problem came as a very, very big shock to me. I trusted Bongani
Bongani: Nokwezi, please forgive me for the big disappointment. I have been trapped into this situation.
DOCTOR: Yes, I’m sure you are disappointed in Bongani. But I must tell both of you that anybody who engages in promiscuous sex carries the risk of getting AIDS. This HI-virus doesn’t obey any rules.
# TCU on both Bongani and Nokwezi.
BONGANI: Doctor, there is something else you should know.
# Nokwezi looks troubled.
NOKWEZI: Doctor, I think I am pregnant
DOCTOR: That may complicate matters, but there is no reason to panic. But first let us make sure and do a pregnancy test. Take this note to sister next door and she will do the pregnancy test

# They waiting for Nokwezi to be tested
NOKWEZI: We must promised each other to lead a meaningful life and to still fulfill our dreams Bongani… no matter what?
DOCTOR: And we will. Don’t worry, We’ll get through this. God will help us. We must believe and pray for His guidance.
# Door opens and sister calls Nokwezi into the room

# Nokwezi (on her own) in Dr’s consulting room on examination table
DOCTOR: The urine test that we took shows that you are pregnant, Nokwezi
# Nokwezi looks troubled
NOKWEZI: But now I am going to pass this illness to my baby?
NOKWEZI: Doctor does this means that my baby will be born with this illness?
DOCTOR: Usually only one third of babies from mothers with HIV are born with the virus. Your child has a good chance of being born
NOKWEZI: That is good news doctor!
NOKWEZI: That is good news Doctor!
DOCTOR: With the right medication we can try and make sure that your baby does not get the virus.
# Dr puts his hands on her shoulder to comfort her
NOKWEZI: This is a terrible crisis. I feel very bad. This will be a difficult time for us.
DOCTOR We are Christians Nokwezi. What seems impossible for us is possible for God. We serve a mighty God and He will make this crisis bearable.
# Nokwezi is thanking the doctor with tears in her eyes

# Back at the hospital Nokwezi looks after Lerato with great care and love. She is in the last phase before death.
NOKWEZI: There you go. Are you comfortable?
# Nokwezi caresses her hair lovingly.
NOKWEZI: Jesus loves you and He cares for you.
LERATO: Nobody cares! Nobody remembers or loves me
# Lerato clings to Nokwezi.
NOKWEZI: Jesus cares Lerato When He died on the cross he carried everybody’s pain and burdens yours too.
# Lerato clings to Lerato’s hand. Nokwezi caresses her cheek lovingly
NOKWEZI: Your life on earth is coming to an end, but don’t you want to find shelter and eternal life in the safe arms of Jesus Christ? Do you want to experience his love for you? You can give your life to Him at this very moment
# Lerato clings to Nokwezi
LERATO: I want to know this Jesus of yours.
NOKWEZI: Jesus died for you on the cross. Accept Him as your Savior and Redeemer and believe that He died for your sins on the cross and rose again so that we can live with Him for eternity
:: Music

# Lerato’s funeral. The only mourners are her mother, father, Bongani, Nokwezi and Moruti. C/A on flowers on grave.
After proceedings at the graveside Nokwezi and Bongani walk away talking
NOKWEZI: You know Bongani, today the angels are rejoicing about a child of God who has come home
BONGANI: I am living proof of the forgiveness Jesus gives. I have peace in my heart because of it.

# C/U of Nokwezi having her quiet time. Her Bible is open and she is praying. Nokwezi hears the doctor’s voice in her mind:
DOCTOR: (VO) What seems impossible for us is possible for God
NOKWEZI: What seems impossible for us is possible for God

# At the table with Bongani.
NOKWEZI: This morning while I was praying I think I got an answer to our problem. And what about you?
# Nokwezi fills Bongani’s plate and sits again.
BONGANI: I’m still praying and I know God will provide. I think we should ask someone to pray with us.
# Bongani puts his knife and fork down and wipes his mouth.
NOKWEZI: That is exactly what I was thinking. More people should be praying with us. I am convinced we should ask the congregation to pray with us.
# Bongani reacts sharply.
BONGANI: No, We can’t do that! Everybody will know that we carry the virus. They will reject us.
# Nokwezi tries to calm him down.
NOKWEZI: Well, have you ever thought that God wants to use what happened to you and me? Maybe that is our purpose. He wants to use us to help others. This maybe a blessing for the congregation.
# Bongani shakes his head in disbelief.
BONGANI: I don’t know. I’m still praying, because it won’t be easy. People are quick to judge.

# Bongani meets Nokwezi outside the hospital after work.
BONGANI: Tsholo, how was work?
NOKWEZI: It was fine thanks
BONGANI: You know. I think I am ready to talk to Moruti. I will do it for you and for our baby. I think it is the right thing to do.
NOKWEZI: I’m glad to hear that! Now we can share our testimony with the congregation.
BONGANI: Thank you Nokwezi, that makes me very happy

# Bongani and Nokwezi arrive at Motrutis house The Moruti opens the door
MORUTI: Ah, the newlyweds.
BOTH: Thank you Moruti.
MORUTI: Have a seat
MORUTI: What can I do for you today?
# Nokwezi and Bongani are holding hands. He looks tense.
BONGANI: Umf, to be honest we have a problem.
MORUTI: Go ahead, I am listening.
# Bongani starts talking. C/A of Pink Panther scene.
BONGANI: About two years ago I did a very stupid thing. My friend and I went to the Pink Panther nightclub and I allowed myself to be seduced by a girl I didn’t know.
NOKWEZI: We buried her a few days ago she died of aids.
BONGANI: I didn’t know that I had HIV when we got married and now both Nokwezi and I are HIV positive.
NOKWEZI: I’m pregnant and we want the congregation to pray with us. We need all the prayer we can get.
BONGANI: We wanted to know if we might tell the congregation on Sunday what happened to us.
# Moruti interrupts Bongani. He is not at ease with the idea.
MORUTI: Bongani, I have sympathy for your situation but I need time to think and pray about it.
# Bongani and Nokwezi get ready to leave.
BONGANI: I understand. I do hope the Lord will help you to make the right decision.
MORUTI: Thank you
BONGANI: Thank you Moruti

# In the sitting room. Nokwezi is serving tea. (Nokwezi little pregnant)
MORUTI: Bongani, Nokwezi, I have told my wife about your situation and she is here to support you wherever.
# Mmamoruti gives Nokwezi’s hand an encouraging touch.
MORUTI: I have really struggled with your request to share your story with the congregation and I prayed about it. My first reaction was that it would cause a split in the congregation but we as church are the body of Christ and we have to support each other in difficult times.
# Bongani gets up and shakes Moruti’s hand.
BONGANI: Thank you Moruti
# His wife encourages them.
MMAMORUTI: This is going to be a difficult time for you. But we know that Christ will help you through this.
# Bongani and Nokwezi nods affirmatively.
MORUTI: It is very important to keep a positive frame of mind, use your medication and carry on with your lives
WIFE: Remember whom you belong to. You belong to God and you are in his safe care. You must never forget that.
# Nokwezi wipes a tear from her cheek. Bongani puts his arm around her
MMAMORUTI: Remember God gives us the ability to live a healthy and meaningful life to glorify Him.
# Moruti nods in agreement. Moruti and wife ready to leave.
MORUTI: As the Body of Christ we must all learn that we cannot exclude those who have to live with HIV those dying of AIDS.
BONGANI: We are looking forward to share or story with the congregation.

# Church bells ringing. People are walking to church. Nokwezi and Bongani enter
# Moruti on pulpit. CA on congregation. Nokwezi, Bongani, Mother of Nokwezi, Mma Thapelo and Mmamoruti
MORUTI: Brothers and sisters, I greet all in the name of Jesus Christ. As congregation, we say a special welcome to our members Bongani and Nokwezi. They would like to share something with us. I’d like to give a special thanks to Nokwezi’s mother for also attending our church service. Bongani and Nokwezi please come forward
# Bongani and Nokwezi walking to stand in front of the congregation. He looks a bit nervous.
BONGANI: Brothers and sisters. We greet you in the name of Jesus. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you. His is not easy for us but the Lord convinced s to talk openly. My wife and I stand before you to tell you that we are HIV positive. But what is making it even more difficult is that Nokwezi is also expecting a baby. We need your support and prayers during this difficult time Thank you
# C/U on Bongani with CA of the shocked expressions of the congregation.
:: Music

# Back at home after church. Cell rings. Bongani (while taking off his tie) walks into bedroom and answers the phone. Sits on his bed.
BONGANI: Hallo, Bongani Banda.
VOICE: You hypocrite. You are a leader of a prayer group, but you are nothing than a sinful adulterer. Look what you’ve done! Shame on you. (CALL ENDS)
# Nokwezi comes in and stands behind Bongani with her arms crossed. Bongani puts the phone on the bed.
NOKWEZI: Who was that on the phone?
# Bongani shakes his head. He looks upset.
Bongani: Nokwezi, I am so sorry that I brought all of this on our home. If I could live my life all over again, I would not make the same mistakes.
# Nokwezi comes closer to Bongani.
NOKWEZI: Bongani, do you remember what Dr and Moruti told us. We have to stay focused. I believe God has a plan with our lives, and also with this illness in our lives. We must learn to trust Him completely.

# Nokwezi is buying food. She greets someone from the congregation but she turns away.
NOKWEZI: Norcia! How nice to see you…

# The following Sunday. Moruti and Mma Thapelo to talk to the congregation
MORUTI: Congregation I once again greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.
MORUTI: Brothers and sisters wants so share something with the congregation. Mma Thapela please come forward.
MMA THAPELO: Moruti, brothers and sisters please allow me to say a few words As you all know my son and daughter in law are both dead and my grandchildren live with me. Have two other children overseas .They are supporting me financially and I thank the Lord for them. Now I would like Bongani and Nokwezi to join me.
# Bongani and Nokwezi joins her.
MMA THAPELO: The Lord has convinced me to tell you a secret that I have kept for a very long time.
# People are getting uneasy. They are curious.
MMA THAPELO: My son and daughter in law died of aids.
# The congregation whisper to each other in surprise.
MMA THAPELO: The Lord has convinced me to support Bongani and Nokwezi spiritually and if necessary also financially so that we can secure a very healthy baby.
# The congregation is stunned, then someone stands up with the congregation also getting up spontaneously to sing a song of praise. Bongani and Nokwezi hug each other and cry. They hug Mma Thapelo. The congregation continue singing.

# Moruti visits Bongani and Nokwezi. They are busy drinking juice. Nokwezi 6 months pregnant.
NOKWEZI: Here’s your cool drink Moruti. ….Bongani
MORUTI: It has been three months since you shared your experience with the congregation and the Lord is still performing miracles.
BONGANI: Yes, it is wonderful to see how all the support groups are coming to life.
MORUTI: More and more people tell us how they help others living with HIV. We are really seeing the power of the Lord at work.
NOKWEZI: You remember Nosipho who didn’t want to speak to me? She was here yesterday, asking how it is that I can stay so strong in a time of crisis. All I could say with conviction that all honour and glory goes to God. He is a powerful God.
MORUTI: Bongani, I understand from Nokwezi that your health is not what it should be?
BONGANI: Dr told me that there would be symptoms. I have lots of trouble with diarrhea but in general it is going very well. I am thankful to the Lord. We can’t wait for the baby to come.
MORUTI: (Smiling) Remember this baby is also the baby of the congregation. We can’t wait either.

# Nurse helps Nokwezi into wheelchair and pushes her into hospital.
:: Music

# MONTAGE baby.
:: Music

# Friends arriving at the hospital. Bongani and Mmemogolo come out.
BONGANI: Friends, it is so good to see you all and we thank you for the support.
MMEMOGOLO: My family, we’ve seen the baby inside, and she’s beautiful, like her mom and dad.
BONGANI: I suppose you would like to know what is her name? Her name is Mphonyana – a loved one!
# Friends applaud and starts singing. (Fade to black with song.)

# Nokwezi changing a diaper.
# Bongani playing with her and a toy.
# Nokwezi walking with Mphonyana on her back in blanket.
:: Music

# Bongani, Nokwezi and Mphonyana (9 months old) are at the doctor.
DOCTOR: Well you two, I have good news. Mphonyana tested negative for HIV. Your daughter is uninfected!
# They are very happy and hug each other.
NOKWEZI: We have to tell everybody! Mmemogolo first.
BONGANI: Dr, you have done so much for us. We want you to know how thankful we are. We will keep praying for the work you do. May God bless you.
# They shake hands and walk out.
:: Music

# Moruti, Bongani, Nokwezi, Mphonyana, Mmmogolo, Mmo Thapeela, Mmaruti and people of the congregation
MORUTI: Brothers and sisters, we are here to glorify God. I am sure that you remember the day, almost two years ago, when Bongani and Nokwezi stood before you and told you their story. Bongani and Nokwezi are here with their baby and they have another announcement to make. Bongani and Nokwezi please come forward
# Bongani, Nokwezi with Mphonyana and Mma Thapelo walk to the front.
BONGANI: Brothers and sisters, we greet you and we thank you again for giving us this opportunity. Reverend we thank you. We thank you as a congregation. Even though it was difficult to tell you first, we thank you for all you have done up to now. Today we have good news and we stand before you to tell you about our baby, Mphonyana. We receive the result of her blood test and she tested negative for HIV!
NOKWEZI: My heart is overflowing with joy. Thank you brothers and sisters! Thank you Mma Thaplo, Mmamoruti and also moruti for all your love and support
# The congregation sings spontaneously.

# Mphonyana (6 years old) in school dress. It’s her first day at school. Bongani and Nokwezi walk Mphonyana to school.
BONGANI: My wife, are you as thankful as I am?
# They greet the child and walk away. They wave goodbye.
NOKWEZI: Yes, very thankful Bongani. The Lord is so good to us.

COLLEAGUE: How is your health these days?
# Bongani hesitates before he answers.
BONGANI: I do feel weak sometimes. It’s always my stomach but we know that is how the virus works.

# Bongani at home in bed. (About 6 months later).
MPHONYANA: Mother, how is daddy today?
NOKWEZI: He is very tired.
# Mphonyana speaks softly. His eyes are closed.
MPHONYANA: Daddy …Daddy?
# Bongani opens his eyes. He is very tired and at the end of his life.
BONGANI: Mphonyana … my shining star!
# Mphonyana bends over to hug him lovingly.
MPHONYANA: How are you feeling daddy?
# Nokwezi and Mphonyana are each holding a hand. He looks at them lovingly.
BONGANI: The two woman in my life. I love you so much. You must listen carefully.
NOKWEZI: We are here Bongani. What is it you want to say?
# Bongani talks slowly and with difficulty.
BONGANI: You must look after each other. My time is running out.
# Mphonyana puts her head on his chest. He strokes her hair.
BONGANI: I love you both. You must help Mphonyana – she must study. She must also learn more about the love of Jesus and remember God will take care of you. I want to rest.
:: Music

# Next to the grave of Bongani. Nokwezi, Mphonyana and Mmemogolo are alone at the grave after the mourners have gone.
NOKWEZI: I am going to miss him so much. We are on our own but he will always live in our hearts.
# Nokwezigives a flower to Mphonyana and she puts on his grave and walk out of the shot
NOKWEZI: Let’s go home.
:: Music

# Nokwezi with caring group.
# Nokwezi very tired, leaning against tree with shopping bags.
# Mmemogolo with Mphonyana paging through children’s Bible.
:: Music

# Very dramatic scene with dramatic music. Nokwezi is lying in her bed and discussing Mphonyana’s situation with Mmemogolo.
NOKWEZI: Makhulu my time has come. God has been so good and faithful. Mphonyana is such a special child. Please look after her. It was her father’s wish that she will experience the love of Jesus and that she should study. You mustn’t cry ….
# Hazy scene of mountains in a distance.
:: Music

# Mphonyana lies on her bed writing. Dissolve to Mmemogolo sitting on the step reading a letter from her.
(V/O OF MPHONYANA): Next month I am getting my diploma. It is almost time to come home.
# Mmemogolo turns the page.
(V/O OF MPHONYANA): I have met someone and I am bringing him home with me. His name is Benson. You will like him a lot. He is a Christian. He agreed to be tested for HIV and I am pleased to tell you that he tested negative. Love Mphonyana .
MMEMOGOLO: Thank you Lord. I believe that we are in your good hands. You are our hope. My cup overflows. You wiped all our tears away.
:: Music
# Camera tilt for credit titles.


Epilogue = Here follows some important Info.

Produced by MEMA Media showing logo


Distributed by GRN 2002 South East Zimbabwe

POP UP for at 47:49-47:50 (2:05 from end) just after the words “no more tears”
On separate frames with voice over
Frame 1:
Today HIV is still amongst us.
Millions of people are living with HIV and
hundreds more are getting infected with HIV every day.

However, there is much more assistance available for
people who are living with HIV.
This gives us hope!

(Own reference - Topic 1 – HIV transmission to babies)
Frame 2
In the story, when Georgia finds out that she is HIV positive.
One of the things the counsellor tells her is:
“You should avoid getting pregnant”
Frame 3
Later when Shuvai discovers that she is HIV positive and pregnant,
they are very concerned about the risk of passing the virus to the baby.

At the time medication to reduce the risk of infection to babies, was very expensive.
This medication is called, antiretrovirals or ARVs.
Frame 4
The good news is that ARVs,
are much cheaper and available through
the public health facilities of most countries in Southern Africa.

ARVs, to prevent the transmission of HIV to babies, are usually free of charge.

(Own reference Topic 2 – Who can get infected?)
Frame 5
When Farai and Shuvai get their results they are told:
“Anyone who engages in promiscuous sexual relationships
carries the risk of getting AIDS.”
But in Farai and Shuvai’s stories
we see two different realities.
Frame 6
In Farai we see a young man who has made one wrong decision
He had sex only once with a woman he didn’t know
and he got infected with HIV.
Frame 7
Shuvai had only one sexual partner, her husband,
whom she trusted.
And she got infected with HIV.

What do we see?

Frame 8
Yes, the risk to get HIV is higher if I have more sexual partners.
anyone who has unprotected sex
with a partner whose HIV status you do not know,
is at risk of HIV infection.
Frame 9
Even if it was only once.
Even, if you are married.
And even, if you are a Christian.

(Own reference Topic Testing)
Frame 10
We should all know our HIV status.
And it is important to know the status of our sexual partner.
Get a free HIV test at your local clinic,
hospital or New Start centre.

Go for regular tests after that.

(Own reference Topic ARV Treatment
Frame 11:

In this story we see Georgia, Suvai and Farai dying of AIDS within a few years.
They did not have access to ARVs.
Today the ARV treatment is effective in controlling HIV
and preventing transmission to others.
Frame 12:
The good news is that ARVs are available for people who are living with HIV
This means that with treatment
HIV positive people
are able to live normal, healthy lives.

Ask about the availability of ARVs at your local clinic.

Maybe we should record that for playing back while showing it. I think we should ask Dan de Koker to record this with someone. (Talking head.) Wearing a white doctor’s jacket will help to give the words even more authority. Otherwise a female nurse in a nurse’s uniform. Maybe sitting at a desk. If there’s the right poster on the wall in the background, like what we see in clinics, even better. How about the the CABSA offices next to Bible Media?

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