Wira and Debby Dharma

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Wira was born in Indonesia in a non-Christian family. He heard about God when he was in Christian Kindergarten. The first person who brought him to know more about Jesus Christ was his sister, who took him to Sunday School. He was baptised in 1977.

Wira married Debby in 1985. They have two children.

In Indonesia, Wira and Debby actively served the Lord in their church as Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, pianist and are on various committees. Wira was involved in church planting in Indonesia and was a board member of a Christian school for a few years. In Australia, they continue to serve the Lord at Beecroft Presbyterian Church as their local church.

Wira studied accounting in Jakarta, Indonesia and worked for many years in finance and accounting for a group of companies in Indonesia before he immigrated to Australia with his family in 1999.

Wira's involvement with GRN began in March 2009 when a friend introduced him to the mission and challenged him to work as a volunteer. Working in a mission organisation had never come into his mind before, but he obeyed what God called him to do. GRN is now blessed with Wira as a bookkeeper, looking after accounting and finance.

Debby is a piano teacher and serves the Lord as a volunteer at GRN since January 2013. She works with recordings, assessing technical quality and providing this information for other studio workers.

Debby also translates Australia's monthly publications - 'Rejoice' prayer letter and the 'Tracks' brochure - into the Bahasa Indonesia.

Wira and Debby are Partner Agency Missionaries with Global Recordings Network and Australian Presbyterian World Mission.

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