Información acerca de Níger

Area (sq km):1,186,408
FIPS Country Code:NG
ISO Country Code:NE
GRN Office:

About Niger

Niger is a poor, landlocked Sub-Saharan nation in West Africa, whose economy centers on subsistence agriculture, animal husbandry, export trade, including some uranium. The Capital is Niamey. It has a population of over 10 million.

The ethnic groups include Hausa (56%), Djerma (22%), Fula (8.5%), Tuareg (8%) and other smaller groups. 80% of the people are Muslim; the remainder having indigenous beliefs and there are some Christians.

The official language is French. Hausa and Djerma are the main local languages.

Map of Níger

Map of Níger

Idiomas y dialectos hablados en Níger

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Encontrado 23 nombes de idiomas

Arabic, Algerian Saharan - ISO Language [aao]

French [Benin] - ISO Language [fra]

Fulfulde [Nigeria, Taraba] [fub]

Fulfulde, Central-Eastern Niger - ISO Language [fuq]

Fulfulde, Central-Eastern Niger: Wodaabe [fuq]

Fulfulde: Dogondoutchi [Niger] [fuq]

Fulfulde: Tessaoua [Niger] [fuh]

Fulfulde, Western Niger - ISO Language [fuh]

Hausa Arewa [Niger] [hau]

Hausa: Kurfey [Niger] [hau]

Kanuri, Manga [Niger] - ISO Language [kby]

Kanuri, Manga: Dagara [Niger] [kby]

Kanuri, Tumari [Niger] - ISO Language [krt]

Kanuri, Tumari: Kubari [Niger] [krt]

Kanuri, Tumari: Sugurti [Niger] [krt]

Tagdal [Niger] - ISO Language [tda]

Tamajaq, Tawallammat [Niger] - ISO Language [ttq]

Tamajeq: Air [Niger] [thz]

Tamajeq: East Tawallemet [Niger] [ttq]

Tamajeq: Tamastrait [Niger] [thz]

Tamajeq, Tayart [Niger] - ISO Language [thz]

Tamajeq: West Tawallemet [Niger] [ttq]

Tasawaq [Niger] - ISO Language [twq]

Grupos de Personas Níger

Algerian, Arabic-speaking; Arab, Lebanese; Arab, Libyan; Baggara, Arab, Shuwa; Bambara; Buduma; Deaf; Dendi, Dandawa; French; Fulani, Sokoto; Fulani, Western; Fulani, Wodaabe; Gourma; Hausa; Hausa, Mauri; Iberogen, Igdalen; Kanembu; Kanuri, Bilma; Kanuri, Manga; Kanuri, Tumari; Kanuri, Yerwa; Moor; Mossi, Moore; Songhai-Koyraboro; Tasawaq; Tuareg, Air; Tuareg, Algerian; Tuareg, Arabized; Tuareg, Asben; Tuareg, Tamajaq; Tuareg, Tamastairt; Tubu, Daza; Tubu, Teda; Yoruba; Zerma, Dyerma;