Canada Praise and Prayer - March 2024

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1. Canada - Marian Elliott's treatment for hearing loss has not helped and her hearing has greatly decreased. She has complete loss in her left ear and the right ear has also greatly decreased. She is going to be fitted with a hearing aid for the right ear soon. Please pray that it will greatly help improve her hearing.

2. Canada - Mark Griffin, the new Canadian Director has been busy contacting churches and meeting with pastors. Pray that his goal of increasing church support for the mission will begin to see positive responses.

3. International - Pray for Graydon Colville, as he prepares for the International Leadership team meeting this month. This will be his last as International Director. Pray for Tim Strauss, as he takes over as the International Director.

4. Asia - A sign language training course was held in a restrictive country with 35 participants. Praise God that 6 participants accepted the Lord.

5. Kenya - Walter and James continue to record the story of Jesus in the languages of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Pray for them as they do their research and seek partners for future recording projects.

6. Canada - Ruth Horan, has been discovering information in the archives as she continues to go through the thousands of records and add them to the GRN database. Pray for her that she will have clarity of mind as she looks through the documents.

7. Bangladesh - Milton and Moloy are developing their recording skills and hope to record several Look, Listen & Live picture books series. Please pray for Milton, Moloy and the Bangladeshi team, and for a successful recording project.

8. Europe - Pray for Sam B, European Director, as he speaks about GRN in Europe, encourages the GRN teams, and prepares for a European team meeting in person, planned for March.

9. Kenya - The Kenyan team completed the "Look, Listen, and Live" series in the Sengwar language last year. Pray that the material will be distributed this year. They are in need of funds for their recording and distribution projects this year.

10. GRN Staff - Please pray for all GRN staff, that they would continue to grow closer to Christ in all they do. Pray especially for all GRN ministry, that it would be fruitful and valuable for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

11. Script Development - The Tumi Tiger script, which originated in South Africa, is designed to comfort traumatised children while telling them of a loving Saviour. It has now been translated into Spanish and Ukrainian as well as African languages. Pray it will comfort many children whose lives have been devastated by violence and war.

12. Thailand - Please pray for God's leading for the Motorbike Gospel Team concerning when and where they should visit villages in the coming months and for much fruit to come from this ministry."

13. Belguim - Pray for the GRN Belgium team as they reach out to refugees and migrants and support their partners in Ukraine with practical aid and Gospel materials.

14. Africa - Praise God for five new recordists being trained in West Africa. Pray for their training and fruitful ministry and for Cameroon Director Joseph, who is responsible for this training and supervision.

15. Canada - Pray for David Elliott as he looks after the office administrative work. Pray for the weekly tasks that need to be done will be done on time.

16. South Africa - Dalene asks for prayer, as she liaises with different creative people in the weeks and months to come. They are busy developing four new scripts. Please pray for God's help to do the best job possible. Pray these scripts will be useful for the people of Africa.

17. Nigeria - Persecution and violence continue in many areas of Nigeria, including villages very near to the GRN center in Jos. Christians have been killed and whole villages burned down. Pray for courage and peace for the believers there.

18. U.S.A. - They are seeking for the person that God is calling to serve as a full-time Executive Director in their Arizona office. Pray for direction, wisdom, and God's provision for this need.

19. Canada - Diane Roberts comes into the office today to do the monthly payroll and do any checks that need to be done. Praise God for her help each month, as she volunteers her time.

20. Canada - Pray for the Board as they meet today and make decisions that will affect the mission in the coming months.

21. India - Pray for Pastor Alisha as he promotes the work of GRN to churches and leaders in Maharashtra state in India. He is also engaged in translating and recording in the Pardhi and Chaimri languages. Pray for the establishment and growth of GRN work in India, a country with many unrecorded languages.

22. Tumi Tiger ministry - Preliminary translations are under way in the languages of Hebrew, Palestinian Arabic, and Egyptian Arabic. Pray that these messages may comfort many children whose lives have been devastated by violence and war.

23. U.S.A. - Please pray for the USA centre as they search for a new centre leader and more board members. Pray also, as they look for studio staff and IT support.

24. Asia - Pray for GRN staff in Asian countries where the hostility to Christ makes it unwise to even mention their country's name. Pray for God's protection, strength and wisdom for all those working in these areas.

25. GRN International - The International Leadership Team (ILT) begins meetings in Spain today until the 25th. They meet first with the European Team and then as the ILT. Pray for unity, discernment, clarity, wise decisions, and travel safety.

26. Brazil - Centre Leader Dionara Pires asks prayer for new workers to join the team, especially for recording and administration staff. Pray for encouragement for Dionara as she seeks to rebuild the team after a period of instability.

27. Pakistan - Pray for the team in Pakistan that are planning on recording 24 new languages. Pray for guidance as they seek an additional recordist for this task.

28. God of the impossible - With hundreds of language varieties still unrecorded, ask God to empower GRN to accelerate recording of the remaining unrecorded languages and language varieties without sacrificing quality.

29. South Korea - Barnabas, the GRN leader in South Korea, is seeking his replacement as retirement looms. Ask the Lord to provide the person of His choice to take over this very strategic role.

30. Canada - The financial audit for last year is currently being worked on by the auditor. Pray that it will be done soon so we can have the document for the Audit committee to review. It will be presented to the GRN Canada corporation in May.

31. GRN - It is 85 years since Joy Ridderhof recorded the first 'Gospel Recording'; only to be inundated by missionaries asking for recordings in the languages where they were working. We thank God that GRN has now recorded over six and half thousand Gospel messages. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use these to spread the Gospel message, especially in areas with no churches or Christians.

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