Canada Praise and Prayer - February 2020

Canada Praise and Prayer - February 2020

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February 1 - 8 - Recording Projects

The Kenya office is has compiled of list of eight languages that are in need of recordings. The average cost per language is $7,500 giving a total of $60,000. Please pray for each of these languages below.

Kabras people number 322,000, they live on the Kenya/Uganda boarder. The language is called Lukabras. Many people are unable to read. Pastors are ready to help with the recordings.

Toposa East (South Sudan) is one of three language dialects that need recording. A missionary working with this group is wanting to see this language recorded for outreach.

Lariim/Narim (South Sudan) is a smaller language group of 7,200 people. They are mostly found in refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda.

Karamojong is larger language group in Uganda (822,000). Pastors are requesting GRN audio material for outreach and discipleship.

Jiddu speakers are Somalian people who number 42,000 people. It is a more difficult language to record.

Muchiga (Tanzania) is primarily an Islamic group numbering 97,000 people.

Hadzabe is a very small language group in Tanzania. Keiyo of Kenya are in need of evangelistic materials. The churches are eager to partner with GRN.

February 9 - 15 - Culiacan Project 2020

The annual outreach has taken place from January 12 to February 15th. Give thanks to God for those who have heard the word of God in their heart language.

As they finish up the work with volunteers this week pray for safety in their final week of distribution.

Praise God for the thousands who were ministered to over these few weeks.

Pray that the ongoing follow up will be effective in directing new believers to Bible teaching churches.

Pray for the GRN team as they will still have work to be done before they can rest.

Pray for Chucho Loyo, the team leader in Mexico, that he will have ongoing follow up opportunities with the Mexican volunteers who helped with the outreach.

Pray that new fulltime workers will be added to the small team in Mexico.

February 16 - 22 - Canada

Pray for David Elliott and Diane Roberts as they prepare the 2019 tax receipts for mailing this month.

Pray for Kevin Horan, he prepares for the move of the mission server to a new location. The U.S. office has been sold and they need to relocate.

Pray for Ruth Horan, as she oversees the packing of the GRN archives of recordings done over the past 80 years.

Edmonton MissionFest takes place from the 21 to 23. Pray for David Elliott as he will be representing the mission.

The Update will be mailed out by the end of this month. Pray for David as he prepares the articles and arranges the mailing with the volunteers.

GRN Annual Banquet is April 18th with guest speaker David Garrison. Online registration for free banquet tickets will soon be available. Save the date.

Thank God for the faithful supporters of GRN Canada.

February 23 - 29 - Tech ministry

Info Systems Coordinator, Rob McDonell says, "The needs of the mission are far and away beyond the ability of the Tech team to accomplish." Pray for discernment to know the Lord's priorities for immediate and long term needs.

Recordist Training Coordinator, Jon Rulison, asks prayer for wisdom to determine future steps for training.

GRN needs to be constantly vigilant against cyber-attacks that could seriously harm the work. Pray for the GRN IT people and their efforts to provide secure systems.

Ask God to increase GRN's partnership with MegaVoice. Pray this will result in many more mp3 audio players being given to people around the world.

The 5 fish App has seen 1.4 million hours of audio downloads in 2019. Praise God for this great tool in getting the message of the Bible into the hands of non-readers.

GRN recordists are dependent on their equipment working properly. Pray that they will have the technical help needed to solve computer related problems.

Pray for the team of GRN workers that maintain the GRN website. They provide a valuable service in making GRN known and the audio material accessible for free download.

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