Canada Praise and Prayer - January 2020

Canada Praise and Prayer - January 2020

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Happy New Year from Global Recordings Network Canada

January 1- 4

Pray that we will see more recording projects undertaken in East Africa in 2020.

The GRN Canada Banquet will have a special speaker on April 18th. Pray that we will have good exposure for this event.

GRN UK moved from England to Scotland last year. Pray for new board members to join them.

Myanmar - Pray for GRN worker and his family as they are planning to do in the Chin and Moken languages.

Togo - Praise the Lord for an outreach to the North of the country which planted 3 churches in this predominantly Muslim area.

January 5 - 11

South Africa is in economic trouble. Please pray for the country and for Darlene Joubert the GRN Director and her team.

GRN Philippines gives thanks for the high number of their people downloading the Gospel from the 5 Fish app.

Chad - Please pray for new Board members and a new worker to help the Team Leader.

Australia - Please pray for Yousif and Vivian as they consider moving to Africa in a couple of years' time to serve with GRN as recordists.

The teams in Europe are looking for the right person to fill the role of European Team Leader. Pray for the right person to help facilitate cooperation between the ministries in Europe.

Praise the Lord for the leadership of Larry DeVilbis and assistant team leader Dan Rulison. Pay for an extra supply of the Lord's wisdom and strength as they face many challenges.

January 12 - 18

GRN Brazil has done a thorough job of researching and identifying 40 languages in which GRN has not yet made any gospel recordings. Pray for open doors and good strategic plans to access these tribal groups.

South Africa team leader, Dalene, has received Scripture material in two new languages. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the Tsoa and Shua speakers to receive His Word.

Thailand - Pray for the Karen Sgaw couple who are new believers and the only Christians in their remote mountain village. Pray that God will keep and strengthen them.

Australia - Rob McDonell continues to develop the Saber Copy program, which enables fast mass copying of audio onto digital players.

Praise God that many Gospel content provider's organisations have found the Saber copy program to be very helpful.

Pray for recordist James Shikuku, as he researches languages that need recording in East Africa.

Pray for James and Walter in Kenya that they will be able to develop a team of prayer and financial supporters for their support and ministry.

January 19 - 25

Preparations have begun for Culiacan Project 2020 in Mexico. Pray for the advance team as it prepares to house and feed many participants, and assemble ministry materials for them to use.

Pray for Jesus Loyo, as he leads the team of volunteers that will visit the migrant farm worker camps in Culiacan.

Pray for David Elliott, as he prepares the documents for the Board meeting this week.

The GRN Canada Board will be meeting this week to review the 2019 finances before releasing them to the auditor. It is now six months since the office moved to Waterford. David Elliott, gives thanks for the use of space in the church.

Pray that a new group of supporters will be raised up for the ministry.

Pray for a good group of volunteers that will pray for the ministry and provide help as needed.

January 26 - 31

Pray for David Elliott and Diane Roberts as they finalize the year-end finances.

Pray that we will be able to apply for funding to a foundation for recording projects in East Africa.

Diane Roberts and David Elliott will be preparing tax receipts to be mailed out in the coming weeks.

As we begin a new year pray that God will raise up new workers for GRN Canada.

Pray for Godsave, as he oversees the ministry in Tanzania. Pray that they will be able to increase the recorded material. Pray that a worker will be raised up for Tanzania.

Pray for Marian Elliott's ministry with the women of GRN. Pray that she will provide the encouragement needed at the right time.

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