Zambia Recording and Distribution

Megan and Michael recording The Living Christ in Makoma with Joffrey

Discussing the translated scripts before recording starts (Fwe - Michael and Emese) - May trip
Top: Megan following the text intently as Kwangwa language helper Joffrey reads (July trip).
Bottom: Kwangwa language helper Kelvin taking over.
Michael re-recording The Living Christ in the Fwe language with Christopher

Left: The Fwe speakers Cosmas Kakwenga (left) and Innocent Yapashi with picture sets

Over the past 2 years we were able to record The Living Christ program in 5 languages of Western Zambia (Barotseland).

LANGUAGES:Fwe, Kwamashi, Shanjo, Makoma & Kwangwa (Luyana).

CURRENT STATUS: Chifwe and Kwamashi

In May 2016 Michael and Emese recorded The Living Christ stories in Fwe and KwaMashi.

Beginning of July Michael edited and programmed these.

5 story sets in Fwe and Kwamashi respectively have been placed with the people to do a final field check / pilot distribution. (See photo below.)

In July 2016 Michael and Megan recorded The Living Christ in Kwangwa, Shanjo and Makoma, as well as the Book of Luke in Cishanjo.

During October 2016 Dalene finished editing and programming The Living Christ programs, while Michael worked through August and October to edit and program the Book of Luke in Cishanjo.

THANKFUL: January 2017 Good News Media donated 150 sets of Living Christ picture sets to be distributed in the above 5 languages early 2017. Another donor gave enough money to cover the cost of the accompanying players to be loaded with the audio commentaries to the pictures sets.

CURRENT STATUS: Sikwangwa (Siluyana), Cishanjo and Simakoma

The distribution of the donated 150 sets happens very slowly. So far only 5 more sets per language are being tested in the field by the end of July 2018.

This due to a shortage of equipped and trained facilitators.

NEED: The request for us to go and record the Books of Luke in Chifwe, Simakoma, Kwamashi and Sikwangwa is still hanging, because we would first like to see a distribution plan in place for our materials to be utilised more effeciently.

We have now also shared the links to these programs on our 5fish platform for our field partners to try using the content that way.


  • Please pray with us that the Lord will continue to prepare the hearts of the listeners,
  • for more trainers who understand the context and
  • for local more people who can be trained as group leaders on how to use the GRN materials effectively.
  • For effective distribution and an impact in the communities!

We need your fervent prayer for this project.

If the Lord leads you to contribute towards this project, you can donate by clicking the button below, designating your gift 'Zambia Recording & Distribution'.

Above: 1. Riaan Ferreira ring-binding all 150 of The Living Christ picture sets
2. The size of the goods before boxed and sent off
3. Each pack was marked with the language name loaded on the player inside that pack

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