Zambia National Sunday School Project

Pastor Musonda and his wife Tipezenji Lungu are located in Zambia in the Copperbelt province, in a town called Kitwe. He's a pastor with the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Zambia.

He was given an assignment to source and arrange for a good 8-year Sunday school Curriculum for their church in Zambia.

GRN's Sunday school manuals are based on GRN's original Look, Listen & Live audio-visual programs. The 8 teacher's manuals consist of 24 lessons each, perfectly filling a Sunday school year. There are 8 books, perfectly fitting into an 8-year Sunday school curriculum. The flipchart picture books are used in conjunction with the manuals. Plus, the primary audio commentaries can be downloaded and used as lesson summaries for the Sunday school pupils in their mother tongue.

The languages are likely to be:

  1. Nyanja
  2. Bemba
  3. Kaonde
  4. Lamba
  5. Tonga
  6. Lozi
  7. Tumbuka

These can be loaded on mp3 solar-driven players or if the pupils' families have cell phones, they can get the summaries in mp4 format with the pictures on the cell phones.

The Immediate Need

We need cashflow to now print 400 sets of picture chart books and 400 Sunday school manuals. Then we can equip every teacher across the nation of Zambia in this denomination.

The estimated cost incl. shipping comes to: R273,976,00 (AUD$26,093)

This is an amazing opportunity to equip committed church leaders across a nation in a strategic and effective way. We are talking of over 400 teachers, spread throughout the country.

Pastor Lungu writes: "I think the church is ready to make contributions, and yes you can make it a project to get sponsorships to subsidise."

Our idea is to at least partly fund this 1st round of distribution, and when they contribute, it can start to fund the programs in the coming years.

We need the assistance of donors who can help us to fund this 1st round of distribution.

If you feel to contribute towards this project, we will commit to give regular feedback on the use of these materials.

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