Venda and Botswana Outreach and Follow Up Project

Your donation will allow GRN to distribute CDs, Audibible or Envoy MP3 players, micro SD cards or other materials to non-reading communities, especially in Botswana and Venda

Audio Bibles, Bibles, GRN picture books, reading glasses, tracts and Bible study books.
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From Deon Snyders, coworker of GRN Southern Africa in Botswana, Namibia and Venda

When planning an outreach, there are always questions: "How will the people respond?" "Will they accept the gospel?" (Having, for so long, worshipped forefather spirits and water spirits.) "Will we get permission from the local chiefs?" "Who will help to do the follow up after we left?"

And then we send out a prayer letter and ask for prayers and as the prayers go up before the Lord, it is as if everything just falls into place and the people are receptive to the Gospel in spite of years of ancestral spirit believe.

Then there are people that are dedicated to do the follow up among these people groups and help them to grow in Christ. Many times, I lack of enough Bibles, audio-visual materials and players, but then God miraculously provides through organisations like GRN, the Bible Society, Megavoice, Kivah and All Nations Gospel Publishers.

We are thankful for your materials.


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Support for Deon's Work

If you feel to support Deon's project in corporation with Global Recordings Network, this will help to enable us to sponsor or subsidise more audio-visual Bible-based materials to help people to stay on the new path they have chosen, or to find that Way if they haven't yet.

These are especially helpful in non-reading communities in Botswana and Venda.

Reference: Botswana / Venda

To make up 1 complete GRN evangelism set in Tswana or Venda

Items and Cost in South African Rand:

Total cost is R849 (around US$85 / AU$109) with each set comprising:

  • 1 x player loaded with necessary audio programs - R550 (AU$50)
  • 1 x protective plastic carry bag - R30 (AU$3.2)
  • 1 x set of 'Good News' and 'Look, Listen and Live' Series (8 books) picture books - R610.00 (AU$56)
  • Courier fees included

Over the next 12 months Deon could equip another 50 people to reach out to others in their villages rather effectively.

You can donate by clicking the link below, designating your gift 'Venda and Botswana Outreach / Follow Up'.

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