Thailand Building Maintenance Project

Partial wall built in 2019
Where the wall is needed
The back of the property

Global Recordings Network Thailand (GRNT) is based in Chiang Mai. For nearly twenty years they have been developing culturally relevant scripts and producing audio recordings in various languages spoken in and around Thailand. They partner with other missions and individuals with the goal of seeing God's kingdom expand in South Asia.

The Thailand centre plays an important role in the ongoing training of new recordists. They Motor Cycle Gospel Team (MGT) reaches remote villages and people, to provide spiritual and physical help.

Presently, the Thai Centre seeks your assistance in raising funding for two important maintenance projects for their facility in Chiang Mai.

Perimeter Wall

GRNT would love to secure their premises with a perimeter wall that goes all the way round their property.

They were able to build a wall at the back of the property last year. (See Pic 'Built in 2019').

The estimated cost of building the remaining wall is Bhat 180,000 (AUD 8,570).

Gutters are needed
The eves behind the office

Installation of Gutters and Replacement of Eves

Presently water falls into the steps causing them to deteriorate. Gutters will channel the water away from falling unto the steps.

Eves installed behind the building are deteriorating from rats and birds nesting / molesting. Some of these eves need replacing urgently.

The estimated cost for these is Bhat 50,000 (AUD 2,380).

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