unfoldingWord 37 - Jisu Lazarus ke Jinda Korise

unfoldingWord 37 - Jisu Lazarus ke Jinda Korise

Outline: John 11:1-46

Script Number: 1237

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Lazarus nam ekjon manu thakise. Tai laga duijon boinikhan thakise; taikhan laga nam Mary aru Martha asile. Tai khan sob Jisu laga sathikhan asile. Ek din kunba Jisu ke Lazarus bisi bimar ase koikena khobor dise. Jitia Jisu itu hunise, tai koise, “Itu bimar pora Lazarus namoribo. Ulta itu pora manukhan Isor ke bisi adar kuribo.”

Jisu tai laga sathikhan ke bisi morom kure; hoilebi itu bar tai juntu jagate asile ta-te arubi dui-din tok rukhise. Dui din pichete tai tai laga chelakhan ke koise: “Ahibi, itia amikhan Judea te wapas jabo.” “Hoilebi Shikai Diya Manu,” tai laga chelakhan pora koise, “Olop din age te ta-te laga manukhan apuni ke moraidibole thakise!” Jisu koise, “Amikhan laga sathi Lazarus ghumai ase aru ami jaikena tai ke uthaidibo lage.”

Jisu laga chelakhan koise: “Malik, jodi Lazarus ghumai thakile, tai bhal hoijabo.” Tetia Jisu taikhan ke sida-sidi pora koise: “Lazarus morise. Ami tai moria homoite ta-te nathaka bhal hoise, ineka hoa pora apunikhan amike biswas kuribo.”

Jetia Jisu Lazarus thaka jagate ahise, Lazarus morikena char din hoikena asile. Martha taikhan ke lok kuribole nimite polaikena jaise, aru Jisu ke koise: “Malik, apuni iyate thakise koile, ami laga kokai moribole thaka nai. Hoilebi ami janiase itiabi apuni Isor pora ki mangibo tai apuni ke dibo.”

Jisu koise: “Ami he Jibon ase aru ami he Ji-Utha ase. Jun ami ke biswas kuribo tai morilebi arubi jinda hobo! Jun ami ke biswas kuribo ketia bi namoribo. Apuni itu biswas kore?” Martha koise: “Hoe Malik! Ami biswas ase apuni he Masiha ase, Isor laga Chokora.”

Itu pichete Mary ahise. Tai Jisu laga theng usorte giri kena koise, “Malik apuni iyate thakise koile ami laga kokai moribole thaka nai!” Jisu taikhan ke koise, “Apunikhan Lazarus ke kun jagate kobor dise?” Tai khan koise: “Kobor te halikena ase. Ahikena sabi.” Tetia Jisu kandise.

Itu kobor toh pathor laga gupha asile aru ekta dangor pathor laga dorja nisina bon thakise. Jetia Jisu ta-te punchise, tai khan ke koise: “Pathor hataidibi!” Hoilebi Martha koise: “Tai morijae char din hoise. Itia bisi bia gun hobo.”

Jisu tai ke koise: “Ami apuni ke koa nai, apuni biswas kurise koile apuni Isor laga hokti dikhibole paribo?” Tai khan pathor ke hataidise.

Tetia Jisu swarg phine saikena koise, “Pormeshwar Baba, apuni ami laga sob kotha huni dea itu nimite apuni ke dhoniabad janai ase. Ami jani ase apuni hodae ami laga kotha huni dea, hoilebi ami itia iyate thaka manukhan nimite itu koiase, tinihoile taikhan biswas koribo apuni ami ke pathaise koikena.” Tetia Jisu chilaikena koise: “Lazarus ulaikena ahibi!”

Aru tai ulaikena ahise! Kobor laga kapor pora tai laga hath aru thengkhan bandikena thakisile. Jisu tai khan ke koise: “Tai ke modot koribi aru kobor laga kapor khan khuli dibi!” Jew manu khan Jisu ki kurise itu nimite biswas kurise.

Hoilebi dhorom laga solaunta khan Jisuke chuku joli jaise, aru taikhan ekta jagate joma hoikena Jisu aru Lazarus ke morai dibole bhabona kurise.

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