Why is Man Different?

Why is Man Different?

Outline: Difference between man and animal -- man is created in God's image, has a soul and spirit. Thus has communion with God. Man's wickedness; God's love and Christ's atonement.

Script Number: 146

Language: English

Theme: Sin and Satan (Sin, disobedience); Christ (Son of God, Saviour of Sinful Men); Character of God (Love of God, Grace and Mercy)

Audience: Animist; General

Style: Monolog

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism

Bible Quotation: Extensive

Status: Approved

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Script Text

In the deep forest of the Congo there are many wild animals. The biggest and strongest of these is the elephant. Such is his size and force that he fears no other four-legged creature. But he has learned to fear and respect a weak two-legged being whom he could easily destroy with one blow of his snakelike trunk or with one stamp of his huge foot. This two-legged creature is man.

Man has been endowed with great cunning and intelligence. What he lacks in physical strength he more than makes up in his ability to make things that help him to kill - the spear, the knife, the bow and arrow, the gun, and cunningly devised traps. With these instruments man is the undisputed master of all animals. It is true that occasionally a man gets careless and is killed by an elephant, a buffalo, a lion or some other wild beast. But for every human being killed by an animal, there are many thousands of animals killed by man.

What is it that makes man different from other animals? Are not all things created by one God? Yes, this is true. God created every living thing -the animals, the birds, the fish in the sea, even the insects that swarm all about us. But when God created man, He did something very special. God created man in His own image. He wanted man to represent Him here upon this earth. He placed man in charge of all other created things. And God gave man a soul; He placed a spirit within him in order that he might have communion with His Creator. Thus man has wisdom and cunning above all the animals.

Man alone can manufacture his own clothes out of animal skins and plant fibers, transform a great tree into boards, turn clay into strong bricks, and change a soft red substance taken from the earth into hard iron and steel with which he makes such wonderful implements and machines. Man alone knows the difference between right and wrong. Man alone has the desire to climb upwards, and he alone is concerned with improving his place in life.

How true are the words of God's Book: "Man is fearfully and wonderfully made." But how sad that man has fallen into such depths of sin and degradation! How sad that man can be so cruel to his fellow men! How sad that man can forget his God and even mock Him by making false gods of his own! Man's wickedness is such that nearly every other creature upon this earth hates him and shuns him. Man's wickedness is so great that God had to send His own Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to redeem man from his sins. Now here is a wonderful thing. Man has sinned to such an extent that God's anger rose up against him. But God's love is greater than His anger for He permitted His own Son to bear our punishment in our place! Think of it! What wonderful love! What grace! Truly the Bible teaches us that "where sin abounded, grace did much more abound."

All men are sinners, but not all men are wicked. Many people, seeing their own sins, and fearing the wrath of a holy and just God, have joyfully accepted His Son Jesus Christ as their Redeemer. Such people are called Christians because they love and follow Christ, and they want to tell other men and women and even children how to be redeemed. Remember, "Whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Are you saved? Why not call upon the Lord NOW?

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