Fruit of Our Works

Outline: Discussion shows the difference between law and grace. Explains that Christ's atonement showed love and justice combined. Explains the true meaning of forgiveness.

Script Number: 011

Language: English

Theme: Works versus Faith; Saviour of Sinful Men; Grace and Mercy; Law of God; Sacrifice / Atonement; Forgiveness; Judgement; Punishment for guilt; Debt / payment for sin; Authority

Audience: Buddhist

Style: Dialog

Genre: Messages and Fiction

Sophistication: General

Purpose: Evangelism

Bible Quotation: Extensive

Status: Obsolete

Script Text

Man - "Does the Christian religion deny the law of "Payment for works?"
Lady - "The Bible does not deny that law but shows the basis for it in fullest measure."
Man - "The law of 'payment for works' is: Do good, get good; do evil, get evil."
Lady - "The Bible says, 'Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap."
Man - "But how is it that you have said that we can be freed from this law of 'payment for works' through Jesus Christ? If we sow the seeds of evil, we must reap evil fruit. So if you can be free then you go against the law itself."
Lady - "Oh no! Because Jesus has received on Himself the fruits of man's evil deeds. God has punished the evil works and deeds by laying that punishment in the death of Jesus."
Man - "You mean that you are certain that there is fruit from these wicked deeds but Jesus, just one person, has received the punishment for everyone."
Lady - "That's right, just like you said. And now I'd like to ask you, "Who has never done anything evil?"
Man - "No one. Everyone has done evil and also good."
Lady - "So according to the law of "payment for works" what will happen?"
Man - "Well, they have to receive the rewards for their evil deeds and also for their good deeds, rewards of happiness and also suffering too."
Lady - "If that is so, I'd like to introduce you to Jesus Who has received your sin and wicked past on Himself. Confess your sin to Him and you will not have to receive the terrible punishment in the fires of hell, and you will receive only the rewards for good from Jesus and enter into the blessedness of God only."
Man- "To whom belongs the authority to forgive sin and to judge who may enter goodness?"
Lady - "You tell me - who do you think it is?"
Man - "From what I have studied, there is no one who can forgive sin. That acts themselves are what bring about the punishments to the one who commits them."
Lady - "I think that that is pretty ambiguous. It is not possible that the acts that a person does could have power over the person who does them. For example, I might steal something. If there is no policeman or someone to catch me my action, which is only an action, could it possibly catch me and put me in prison?"
Man - "Your reason is interesting, but you haven't answered my question: Who has the authority to forgive sin and judge to allow people to receive payment for their deeds?"
Lady - "Jesus is the Lord God of the universe. Only He can forgive sins and judge everyone according to his works."
Man - "Jesus forgives sin according to what law or reason?"
Lady - "The law of love and justice. You have asked a lot. Please understand this. Will you hold on to your old sin and deeds while Jesus has already taken them on Himself and offered to make you free from them? Believe in Jesus Christ."