Yu Mas Kamap Nupela Gen

Yu Mas Kamap Nupela Gen

Outline: Sickness of man, spiritually; needs to be reborn in order to go to heaven. Uses illustrations of animals, etc., to show there are different kinds of life. God has another kind of life. We must have His kind of life in order to be able to live in heaven. Tells of Jesus' death for us. Sinner's prayer.

Script Number: 292

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Sin and Satan (Sin, disobedience); Christ (Saviour of Sinful Men); Eternal life (Eternal / everlasting life); Living as a Christian (Second Birth, Leaving old way, begin new way, Faith, trust, believe in Jesus, Spiritual Life)

Audience: Animist

Style: Monolog

Genre: Messages and Fiction

Purpose: Evangelism

Bible Quotation: Minimal

Status: Publishable

Script Text

Taim mama i karim yumi, yumi i gat pasin nogut long tingting/bel bilong yumi. Yumi i mekim pasin nogut oltaim. Yumi save pinis tingting bilong yumi i nogut olsem: Yumi save giaman, yumi save stil, yumi save tok kros long arapela man, na yumi save paitim arapela. Mama bilong yumi i bin karim yumi wanpela taim tasol. Dispela laip/bodi/skin yumi kisim long mama i gutpela long taim yumi stap long graun tasol. I olsem, sapos mama tasol i karim yu, yu no inap go long ples bilong God long heven.

God Em i klin olgeta, na i nogat wanpela samting nogut i ken i go long ples bilong En. Em tasol, manmeri bilong pasin nogut em i no ken i go insait long ples bilong God. Olsem buk bilong God i tok, "Yu mas kamap nupela gen." Spirit bilong God i mas kam na stap insait long yu. Taim Spirit bilong God i stap wantaim yu, yu i gat nupela tingting/bel/dewel. Taim yu i gat nupela tingting/bel/dewel olsem yu inap kamap long ples bilong God. Olgeta abus, na pisin, na pis, na ol arapela samting i gat narakain narakain laip/dewel/tingting. Laip bilong ol pik i wankain, na laip bilong ol pis i narakain, na laip bilong ol manmeri i narakain, na laip bilong God i narakain tu. Sapos yu kisim wanpela pis na slipim long graun, bai i stap olsem wanem? Bai i dai pinis tasol. Sapos yu kisim wanpela pik na putim ananit long wara, bai i stap olsem wanem? Na, sapos wanpela man i no gat Spirit bilong God, i gat laip bilong graun tasol, na i no inap go i stap long ples bilong God. Laip/dewel/tingting bilong man bilong graun i no inap go i stap long ples bilong God. Sapos man i laik i go long ples bilong God pastaim em i mas kisim nupela kain laip bilong God. Sapos i kisim olsem, orait em i inap i go i stap long ples bilong God. Sapos Spirit bilong God i no stap long man, dispela man olsem dispela pik yu putim ananit long wara. Man olsem i no ken i stap long heven. Buk bilong God i tok olsem: God i lukim olgeta pasin bilong olgeta man i pasin nogut tru. Tasol God i laik yumi olgeta bai i go long ples bilong En. Tasol tingting/dewel bilong yu mas kamap nupela pastaim. Pastaim yu mas lusim olgeta pasin nogut. Spirit bilong God i mas kam i stap long yu pastaim, bai yu ken i go long ples bilong En.

Nau God i gat rot bilong yumi i go long heven. Bipo yet, sapos Gavman i painim wanpela man i mekim nogut tru, ol i kisim em na kilim em i dai. Ol polisboi i hanggimapim em long wanpela diwai kros na nilim pas long em. Taim ol i kilim Jisas ol i mekim olsem. Jisas yet i no bin mekim wanpela pasin nogut, tasol Em i bin dai bilong ol pasin nogut bilong yumi. Em i no bin dai bilong asua bilong En yet. Jisas in bin dai olsem bilong mekim rot bilong yumi i go long God, na bilong givim nupela laip long yumi. Yumi ken i kamap nupela olsem: Sapos yu laik kisim nupela laip/dewel/tingting bilong God, yu mas holim bilip/tingting olsem: "Jisas i bin dai bilong pasin nogut bilong mi yet," na askim God i ken i lusim ol pasin nogut bilong yu. Givim bel long Jisas, na bihainim Em oltaim. Em bai i save lusim olgeta pasin nogut bilong yu".

Sapos yu laik kisim Spirit bilong God yu ken tokim/beten long God olsem: "Jisas Yu save pinis long ol sin bilong mi. Mi save pinis Yu bin dai long diwai kros long baiim pasin nogut bilong mi. Mi laik Yu kamap Bikpela bilong mi. Mi givim beksait long ol pasin bilong mi bilong bipo. Mi laik kisim laip/Spirit bilong God. Taim mi dai pinis mi laik go long ples bilong God. Mi askim Yu long Nem bilong Jisas. Amen". Sapos yu mekim beten olsem, Jisas bai i harim yu. Em bai i givim Spirit bilong God long yu na yu i bilong En. Na yu kisim pinis nupela kain dewel/tingting, na yu inap i go long heven, na stap wantaim God oltaim oltaim.

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