Recordings of this script: Can We Escape?

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Bata [Nigeria, Adamawa] - Tradition

Bhili: Dehawali [India, Madhya Pradesh] - Words of Life 1

Bhojpuri: Benarasi Boli [India, Uttar Pradesh] - Words of Life 2

Bolewa [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Repent and Believe

Burka [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Tradition

Bwol [Nigeria, Plateau] - Tradition

Dikaka: Dijm [Nigeria, Adamawa] - The Way of Peace

Dingi [Nigeria, Kaduna] - Can We Escape

Duguri [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Heaven and Hell

Duguza [Nigeria, Plateau] - The Way to Heaven

Geremawa [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Forgive My Brother?

Guruntum-Mbaaru [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Can We Escape?

Horom [Nigeria, Plateau] - Confusion Of This World

Iguta [Nigeria, Plateau] - Tradition

Ikulu [Nigeria, Kaduna] - Confusion of This World

Jimbin [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Can We Escape

Kami [Nigeria, Niger] - Fear Not

Kariya: Wudufa [Nigeria, Bauchi] - God and Laws

Keraikerai [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Tradition

Kurumba, Jennu [India, Tamil Nadu] - Words of Life 2

Kurumba: Wooraly [India, Tamil Nadu] - Words of Life

Lala-Roba: Lala [Nigeria, Adamawa] - The Heart of Man

Lala-Roba: Roba [Nigeria, Adamawa] - Tradition

Libo [Nigeria, Adamawa] - The Way Of Peace

Mundang: Nigeria [Nigeria, Adamawa] - The Way of Peace

Nyam [Nigeria, Taraba] - Small Sin, Big Damage

Pai [Nigeria, Plateau] - Forgive My Brother?

Panawa [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Heart Of Man

Piapung [Nigeria, Plateau] - God and Laws

Saya: Gambar [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Can We Escape?

Tambo: Jimo [Nigeria, Adamawa] - Can We Escape?

Tambo: Kpong [Nigeria, Adamawa] - Heaven and Hell

Tangale: Kaltungo [Nigeria, Gombe] - The Way to Heaven

Tera [Nigeria, Bauchi] - The Heart of Man

Tsagu [Nigeria, Bauchi] - The Way to Heaven

ut-Hun [Nigeria, Kebbi] - The Way Of Peace

Voro (Nigeria) [Nigeria, Adamawa] - The Way to Heaven

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