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Adi: Padam [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Aimol [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Amdo: Rongba [China, Xizang (Tibet)] - Words of Life

Bhatri [India, Andhra Pradesh] - Words of Life

Bhili: Ranawat [India, Madhya Pradesh] - Outreach Program

Bishnupuriya [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Chin, Falam: Chorai [Myanmar] - Words of Life

Chontal, Tabasco: Tapotzingo [Mexico, Tabasco] - Words of Life

Churahi [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Jesus Is The Way

Darlong [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Diidxazá [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life

Diža'xon [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life

Embena: Northern [Colombia, Antioquia] - Living with Christ

Fiome [Tanzania] - Words of Life

Fulfulde, Fulbe Ladde [Cameroon, Adamaoua] - Words of Life 2

Gahri [India, Himachal Pradesh] - A Clean Heart

Garhwali: Gangaari [India, Uttarakhand] - Words of Life

Garhwali: Ranwain [India, Uttarakhand] - Words of Life and songs

Garhwali: Taknauri [India, Uttarakhand] - Words of Life and Songs 1

Garhwali: Taknauri [India, Uttarakhand] - Words of Life 2

Garo: Tripura [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Gitxsan [Canada, British Columbia] - Words of Life

Gujari [India, Jammu and Kashmir] - Jesus the Messiah

Gusii [Kenya, Kisii] - Words of Life 1

Hruso [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Kanauri [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Grace of God

Kipsigis [Kenya, Bomet] - Words of Life 1

Kului [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Preparation of God's Redemption

Lahuli Harijan [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Wonderful Jesus

Lawa: Ban Dong [Thailand, Mae Hong Son] - Jesus, The Living Water

Lohar, Lahul [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Knowing The Truth and The Way

Manipuri [India, Manipur] - Words of Life 2

Marwari: Standard [India, Rajasthan] - Outreach - Messages and Songs

Meitei: Pan-gal [India, Manipur] - Words of Life

Naga, Konyak [India, Assam] - Words of Life 1

Naga, Maram [India, Assam] - Words of Life 2

Naga, Moyon [India, Nagaland] - Words of Life "Living In Christ"

Naga, Tangsa: Moklum [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Naga, Tangshang: Hakhun [Myanmar] - Words of Life 2 Eternal Life in Jesus

Naga, Tangshang: Khemsing [Myanmar] - Words of Life- Life in Christ

Pahari, Mahasu: Upper [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Turning from the Old Path

Pahari: Rohru [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Palawano: Nangka & Bolno [Philippines, Luzon, Mimaropa Region, Palawan] - Words of Life

Pokot: West [Kenya, Baringo] - Words of Life 2

Punjabi, Eastern [India, Punjab] - Words of Life 2 (H)

Seri [Mexico, Sonora] - Words of Life

Simte [India, Manipur] - Words of Life

Spiti Bhoti [India, Himachal Pradesh] - God's Grace

Tagalog [Philippines] - Words of Life 2

Tarao [India, Manipur] - Words of Life

Thakali [Nepal] - Words of Life

Tharu: Khatima [Nepal] - Words of Life

Tinani [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Merciful Jesus

Tripuri [India, Assam] - Words of Life 1

Zoque, Copainala [Mexico, Chiapas] - Words of Life

Zoque, Francisco Leon [Mexico, Chiapas] - Words of Life

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