Recordist Training - an ongoing project

Photo: Training covers a broad range of topics, including language analysis, care of equipment and recording in difficult conditions.

Training involves recording in all kinds of settings
Some previous trainees with trainer Kim
Greg giving a lecture on language.

GRN recordists from all over the world need training. It starts with the basic introduction to being a recordist and then continues as recordists receive refresher training to improve recording and computer skills.

This is an important step in building GRN's capacity to make good quality recordings around the world.

There is a great deal of preparation required for this training to take place. Because these courses require students and trainers to live in, travel, accommodation and catering requirements must be organised for everyone.

There is also the need to purchase technical equipment. At each course recordists have the opportunity to update their existing equipment or have it repaired by a specialist technician.

Experience has shown that it takes about six years for a trainee recordist to develop to the point where they can work independently, and consistently produce good quality work, and are then able to mentor a new recordist.

All of these training requirements need to be funded. The total cost of the course varies according to many factors such as location, local economy and length of course.

Please join us in asking God to provide the resources needed to cover the costs of this important training.

To find out more about GRN's training course needs please contact Christine Platt in the Australian office.

Or you can give in AUD here designating your gift to "Recordist Training" or choose a different currency here.

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