Dhurrkay Singers - Wangurri

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Compilations of Christian music, songs or hymns.

Program Number: 80019
Program Length: 47:27
Language name: Wangurri

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Djesu Garray Ngalmalinggu


1. Djesu Garray Ngalmalinggu

Simon Peter


2. Simon Peter

Johnma Golkulan


3. Johnma Golkulan

Garraywu Darpa Dhaya Gaynga


4. Garraywu Darpa Dhaya Gaynga

Garray ngayam nhunggu bimbi


5. Garray ngayam nhunggu bimbi

Ngayam Ngarru Ngarray


6. Ngayam Ngarru Ngarray

Garray Mori Marrkapmi


7. Garray Mori Marrkapmi

Galitjinan Nhunggu Dhuniyanharawuy


8. Galitjinan Nhunggu Dhuniyanharawuy

Mori Gathumingu


9. Mori Gathumingu

Garrayma dhuniyan ngunhal Bethlehem


10. Garrayma dhuniyan ngunhal Bethlehem

Ngaka nhanany rirrakay


11. Ngaka nhanany rirrakay

Mori Wanggany Manapa [Father Make Us One]


12. Mori Wanggany Manapa [Father Make Us One]

Dirruna Wanggalalin [Coming home]


13. Dirruna Wanggalalin [Coming home]

God Nhunum Mori Gulyundayngu


14. God Nhunum Mori Gulyundayngu

Downloads and Ordering

These recordings are designed for evangelism and basic Bible teaching to bring the gospel message to people who are not literate or are from oral cultures, particularly unreached people groups.

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