Audio Visual Buenas Nuevas [Good News] - Wao

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Audio-visual Bible lessons in 40 sections with pictures. Contains Bible overview from creation to Christ, and teaching on the Christian life. For evangelism and church planting.

Program Number: 38031
Program Length: 41:12
Language name: Wao
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Introduccion & Cuadro 1 (Picture 1: In the Beginning)


1. Introduccion & Cuadro 1 (Picture 1: In the Beginning)

Cuadro 2 (The Word of God)


2. Cuadro 2 (The Word of God)

Cuadro 3 (Creation)


3. Cuadro 3 (Creation)

Cuadro 4 (Adam and Eve)


4. Cuadro 4 (Adam and Eve)

Cuadro 5 (Cain and Abel)


5. Cuadro 5 (Cain and Abel)

Cuadro 6 (Noah's Ark)


6. Cuadro 6 (Noah's Ark)

Cuadro 7 (The Flood)


7. Cuadro 7 (The Flood)

Cuadro 8 (Abraham, Sarah and Isaac)


8. Cuadro 8 (Abraham, Sarah and Isaac)

Cuadro 9 (Moses and the Law of God)


9. Cuadro 9 (Moses and the Law of God)

Cuadro 10 (The Ten Commandments)


10. Cuadro 10 (The Ten Commandments)

Cuadro 11 (Sacrifice for Sin)


11. Cuadro 11 (Sacrifice for Sin)

Cuadro 12 (A Saviour Promised)


12. Cuadro 12 (A Saviour Promised)

Cuadro 13 (The Birth of Jesus)


13. Cuadro 13 (The Birth of Jesus)

Cuadro 14 (Jesus the Teacher)


14. Cuadro 14 (Jesus the Teacher)

Cuadro 15 (Miracles of Jesus)


15. Cuadro 15 (Miracles of Jesus)

Cuadro 16 (Jesus Suffers)


16. Cuadro 16 (Jesus Suffers)

Cuadro 17 (Jesus is Crucified)


17. Cuadro 17 (Jesus is Crucified)

Cuadro 18 (The Resurrection)


18. Cuadro 18 (The Resurrection)

Cuadro 19 (Thomas Believes)


19. Cuadro 19 (Thomas Believes)

Cuadro 20 (The Ascension)


20. Cuadro 20 (The Ascension)

Cuadro 21 (The Empty Cross)


21. Cuadro 21 (The Empty Cross)

Cuadro 22 (The Two Roads)


22. Cuadro 22 (The Two Roads)

Cuadro 23 (God's Children)


23. Cuadro 23 (God's Children)

Cuadro 24 (Born Again)


24. Cuadro 24 (Born Again)

Cuadro 25 (The Holy Spirit Comes)


25. Cuadro 25 (The Holy Spirit Comes)

Cuadro 26 (Walking in the Light)


26. Cuadro 26 (Walking in the Light)

Cuadro 27 (A New Person)


27. Cuadro 27 (A New Person)

Cuadro 28 (The Christian Family)


28. Cuadro 28 (The Christian Family)

Cuadro 29 (Love Your Enemies)


29. Cuadro 29 (Love Your Enemies)

Cuadro 30 (Jesus is the Powerful One)


30. Cuadro 30 (Jesus is the Powerful One)

Cuadro 31 (Casting out Evil Spirits)


31. Cuadro 31 (Casting out Evil Spirits)

Cuadro 32 (Temptation)


32. Cuadro 32 (Temptation)

Cuadro 33 (If We Sin)


33. Cuadro 33 (If We Sin)

Cuadro 34 (Sickness)


34. Cuadro 34 (Sickness)

Cuadro 35 (Death)


35. Cuadro 35 (Death)

Cuadro 36 (The Body of Christ)


36. Cuadro 36 (The Body of Christ)

Cuadro 37 (Meeting for Worship)


37. Cuadro 37 (Meeting for Worship)

Cuadro 38 (Jesus Will Return)


38. Cuadro 38 (Jesus Will Return)

Cuadro 39 (Bearing Fruit)


39. Cuadro 39 (Bearing Fruit)

Cuadro 40 (Witnessing)


40. Cuadro 40 (Witnessing)

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