xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ language

Language name: xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ
ISO Language Code: trc
Language Scope: ISO Language
Language State: Verified
GRN Language Number: 2919
IETF Language Tag: trc

Sample of xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ

Triqui de Copala - The Two Roads.mp3

Audio recordings available in xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ

These recordings are designed for evangelism and basic Bible teaching to bring the gospel message to people who are not literate or are from oral cultures, particularly unreached people groups.

Good News

Audio-visual Bible lessons in 40 sections with pictures. Contains Bible overview from creation to Christ, and teaching on the Christian life. For evangelism and church planting.

Recordings in other languages that contain some parts in xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ

Otros Diagnostic (in Español [Spanish: Mexico])

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Audio/Video from other sources

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La Esperanza - Triqui, Copala (The Hope Video) - (Mars Hill Productions)
La Ofrenda de una Viuda Pobre - en el Triqui de Copala (Widow's offering) - (Recursos En Idiomas Indigenas)
La Oración de un Religioso y un Pecador - en el Triqui de Copala (Pharasee and Tax Collector) - (Recursos En Idiomas Indigenas)
La Parábola del Sembrador - en el Triqui de Copala (Parable of the sower) - (Recursos En Idiomas Indigenas)
Las Cartas de Santiago y Juan - en el Triqui de Copala - (Recursos En Idiomas Indigenas)
Love Your Neighbor - Copala Triqui - (Recursos En Idiomas Indigenas)
Scripture resources - Triqui, Copala - (Scripture Earth)
The History of Adam and Eve and their Descendants - Copala Triqui - (Recursos En Idiomas Indigenas)
The History of Queen Esther - Copala Triqui - (Recursos En Idiomas Indigenas)
The Story of Ruth - Copala Triqui - (Recursos En Idiomas Indigenas)

Other names for xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ

Copala Trique
Copala Triqui
Trique: Copala
Triqui Bajo
Triqui, Copala (ISO Language Name)
Triqui de San Juan Copala
xna'anj nu_'
Xna'a¡nj nu' a
Xna'anj nu̱' a
xna'ánj nu̱' a
Xna¡nj nu' a
Xnanj nu̱' a
xnánj nu̱' a
xnã¡nj nu' a
xnaꞌanj nu̱ꞌ
Triqui de Copala

Where xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ is spoken

United States of America

Languages related to xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ

People Groups who speak xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ

Triqui, Copala

Information about xnaꞌánj nu̱ꞌ

Other information: Understand Spanish.

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