Chin, Tedim: Sokte language

Language name: Chin, Tedim: Sokte
ISO Language Name: Chin, Tedim [ctd]
GRN Language Number: 8793
Language State: Verified
ROD Dialect Code:

Audio recordings available in Chin, Tedim: Sokte

We do not currently have any recordings available in this language.

Audio/Video from other sources

Jesus Film Project films - Zokam, Tedim - (The Jesus Film Project)
The Jesus Story (audiodrama) - Chin Tedim Myanmar - (The Jesus Film Project)
The New Testament - Chin, Tedim / Zokam - (Faith Comes By Hearing)
The New Testament - Chin, Tiddim - (Faith Comes By Hearing)

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Chin, Tedim;

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Other information: Understand other Chin languages of this area Saizang, Teizang, Zo, trade language.