Punjabi, Western: Jangli language

Language name: Punjabi, Western: Jangli
ISO Language Name: Punjabi, Western [pnb]
GRN Language Number: 26394
Language State: Not Verified
ROD Dialect Code:

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Other names for Punjabi, Western: Jangli

Jangli Boli

Where Punjabi, Western: Jangli is spoken


Languages related to Punjabi, Western: Jangli

People Groups who speak Punjabi, Western: Jangli

Ahmadi; Ansari; Arain, Muslim; Arora, Hindu; Arora, Muslim; Arora, Sikh; Awan, Muslim; Badhai, Muslim; Baghban, Muslim; Bania, Agarwal; Banjara, Muslim; Barad, Muslim; Barwala, Hindu; Barwala, Muslim; Bawaria, Hindu; Bawaria, Muslim; Bazigar, Muslim; Bhabra, Hindu; Bhabra, Muslim; Bhathiara, Muslim; Bodla; Bohra; Chamar, Hindu; Chamar, Sikh; Changar; Chhimba, Muslim; Christian unspecified; Chuhra; Dabgar, Muslim; Dagi, Muslim; Darzi, Muslim; Daudpotra, Muslim; Dhobi, Muslim; Dom, Hindu; Faqir; Gaddi; Ghosi, Muslim; Ghulam; Gujar, Muslim; Hajam; Harni; Jatal; Jat, Autrah; Jat, Bains, Muslim; Jat, Bajwa, Hindu; Jat, Bajwa, Muslim; Jat, Bhatti; Jat, Bhutta, Muslim; Jat, Chachar; Jat, Chahil, Muslim; Jat, Chhadar; Jat, Chhaddar, Muslim; Jat, Chhina; Jat, Chima, Hindu; Jat, Chima, Muslim; Jat, Dehia, Hindu; Jat, Dehia, Muslim; Jat, Dhariwal, Muslim; Jat, Dhillon, Muslim; Jat, Gahlot, Hindu; Jat, Gahlot, Muslim; Jat, Ghatwal, Muslim; Jat, Ghumman, Hindu; Jat, Ghumman, Muslim; Jat, Gil, Hindu; Jat, Gil, Muslim; Jat, Goraia, Muslim; Jat, Harral, Muslim; Jat, Hindu; Jat, Hinjra; Jat, Kahlon, Muslim; Jat, Khaira; Jat, Kharral, Hindu; Jat, Kharral, Muslim; Jat, Langah; Jat, Langrial; Jat, Mann, Hindu; Jat, Mann, Muslim; Jat, Mulana; Jat, Mundra; Jat, Murali; Jat, Muslim; Jat, Parhar; Jat, Sahi; Jat, Sandhel; Jat, Sarai, Muslim; Jat, Sial; Jat, Sidhu, Hindu; Jat, Sidhu, Muslim; Jat, Sikh; Jat, Sindhu; Jat, Sindhu, Muslim; Jat, Sipra; Jat, Sumra; Jat, Tahim; Jat, Tarar; Jat, Varaich, Hindu; Jat, Varaich, Muslim; Jat, Virk, Muslim; Jhandir; Jhinwar, Hindu; Jhinwar, Muslim; Jhinwar, Sikh; Jogi, Muslim; Julaha; Kahar, Muslim; Kaibartta; Kajla; Kakuana; Kalal, Muslim; Kamboh, Hindu; Kamboh, Muslim; Kamboh, Sikh; Kanchan, Muslim; Kanera; Kanjar, Muslim; Karal, Hindu; Khatri, Hindu; Khatri, Muslim; Khatri, Sikh; Khattar; Khoja; Khumra, Muslim; Kumhar, Muslim; Kutana; Labana, Muslim; Labana, Sikh; Lakhera; Lodha, Muslim; Lohar, Muslim; Machhi, Muslim; Madari; Mahtam, Hindu; Mahtam, Muslim; Mahtam, Sikh; Maliar; Mali, Muslim; Mallah, Muslim; Manihar; Marija; Marija, Muslim; Mazhabi; Megh, Hindu; Meo, Muslim; Merat, Muslim; Mirasi, Hindu; Mirasi, Muslim; Mochi, Hindu; Mochi, Muslim; Mussali; Nai, Christian; Nai, Sikh; Nat, Muslim; Nungar; Pakhiwara; Patwa, Muslim; Perna, Muslim; Pherera, Muslim; Pindara; Pinjara; Pujari; Punjabi, Western; Qassab; Rabari, Muslim; Rajput, Alpial; Rajput, Baria; Rajput, Bhatti, Hindu; Rajput, Bhatti, Muslim; Rajput, Chauhan, Muslim; Rajput, Garewal, Muslim; Rajput, Gondal; Rajput, Janjua, Muslim; Rajput, Joia, Muslim; Rajput, Muslim; Rajput Ponwar; Rajput, Satti; Rajput, Sial; Rajput, Sikh; Rajput, Wattu; Ramdasia, Hindu; Ramdasia, Sikh; Rangrez, Muslim; Rawal, Muslim; Saini, Hindu; Saini, Muslim; Saini, Sikh; Sansi, Hindu; Sansi, Muslim; Santia, Muslim; Sarera, Sikh; Sayyid; Sikligar, Muslim; Sonar, Muslim; Tamboli, Hindu; Tamboli, Muslim; Tarkhan, Hindu; Tarkhan, Muslim; Tarkhan, Sikh; Teli, Muslim; Thathera, Muslim; Thori, Hindu; Thori, Muslim; Tirgar, Muslim; Toba; Ulema, Muslim; Wagha; Yadav, Muslim;

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