Information about Lebanon

Area (sq km):10,230
FIPS Country Code:LE
ISO Country Code:LB
GRN Office:

Map of Lebanon

Map of Lebanon

Languages and dialects spoken in Lebanon

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Found 3 language names

Arabic, North Levantine [Syria] - ISO Language [apc]

Arabic, North Levantine: Beiruti [Lebanon] [apc]

Arabic, North Levantine: North Lebanese Literary [Lebanon] [apc]

People Groups in Lebanon

Alawite; Americans, U.S.; Arab, Egyptian; Arab, Iraqi; Arab, Lebanese; Arab, Palestinian; Arab, Syrian; Aramaic, West; Armenian; Assyrian; Bedouin, Levantine; British; Chaldean; Deaf; Druze; Filipino, Tagalog; French; Greek; Italian; Jew, Syrian; Kurd, Kurmanji; Portuguese; Spaniard; Syrian Aramaic, Turoyo; Turk;