French Polynesia

Information about French Polynesia

Region: Oceania
Capital: PAPEETE
Population: 309,000
Area (sq km): 3,521
FIPS Country Code: FP
ISO Country Code: PF
GRN Office: GRN Offices in Oceania

Map of French Polynesia

Map of French Polynesia

Languages and dialects spoken in French Polynesia

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Found 4 language names

French [France] - ISO Language [fra]

Marquesan, North [French Polynesia] - ISO Language [mrq]

Tahitian [French Polynesia] - ISO Language [tah]

Tahitian [French Polynesia] - ISO Language [tah]

People Groups in French Polynesia

Chinese-Tahitian Creole ▪ Cook Islands Maori, Rarotongan ▪ Deaf ▪ Euronesian ▪ French ▪ Han Chinese, Hakka ▪ Mangarevan ▪ Marquesan, North ▪ Marquesan, South ▪ Pitcairner, Norfolk ▪ Rapa ▪ Rapa Nui, Easter Islander ▪ Tahitian ▪ Tuamotuan ▪ Tubuaian