United Kingdom

Information about United Kingdom

Region: Europe
Capital: London
Population: 67,737,000
Area (sq km): 244,110
FIPS Country Code: UK
ISO Country Code: GB
GRN Office: Global Recordings Network UK

Map of United Kingdom

Map of United Kingdom

Languages and dialects spoken in United Kingdom

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Found 7 language names

British Sign Language [United Kingdom] - ISO Language [bfi]

English [United Kingdom] - ISO Language [eng]

English: British [Greater London] [eng]

English: Northern Ireland [eng]

Gaelic, Scots [Scotland] - ISO Language [gla]

Irish [Ireland] - ISO Language [gle]

Welsh [Wales] - ISO Language [cym]

People Groups in United Kingdom

Afrikaner ▪ Akan ▪ Albanian, Tosk ▪ Americans, U.S. ▪ Anglo-Australian ▪ Anglo-Canadian ▪ Anglo-New Zealander ▪ Arab, Egyptian ▪ Arab, Lebanese ▪ Arab, Moroccan ▪ Arab, Omani ▪ Arab, Palestinian ▪ Arab, Yemeni ▪ Armenian ▪ Assyrian ▪ Austrian, Bavarian ▪ Belorusian ▪ Bengali ▪ Bengali, Sylhetti ▪ Berber, Imazighen ▪ Berber, Kabyle ▪ British ▪ British, Scottish ▪ Bulgarian ▪ Burmese ▪ Coloured ▪ Cornish ▪ Creoles, Mauritian ▪ Cypriots, Turkish ▪ Czech ▪ Danish ▪ Deaf ▪ Druze ▪ Dutch ▪ Estonian ▪ Filipino, Tagalog ▪ Finnish ▪ Fleming ▪ French ▪ German ▪ German Swiss ▪ Gilbraltarian ▪ Greek ▪ Gujarati ▪ Gypsy, Anglo-Romani ▪ Gypsy, Scottish Traveller ▪ Han Chinese, Cantonese ▪ Han Chinese, Hakka ▪ Han Chinese, Mandarin ▪ Hungarian ▪ Irish ▪ Irish, Gaelic-Speaking ▪ Irish Traveller, Shelta ▪ Italian ▪ Jamaicans ▪ Japanese ▪ Jew, English Speaking ▪ Korean ▪ Krio ▪ Kurd, Kurmanji ▪ Latin American, Mestizo ▪ Latvian ▪ Lithuanian ▪ Macedonian ▪ Malay ▪ Maltese ▪ Mandeaen ▪ Mongol, Khalka ▪ Norwegian ▪ Parsee ▪ Pashtun, Northern ▪ Pashtun, Southern ▪ Persian ▪ Polish ▪ Portuguese ▪ Romani, Balkan ▪ Romani, Vlax ▪ Romani, Welsh ▪ Russian ▪ Scots, Gaelic ▪ Scots, Lowland ▪ Serb ▪ Seychellese Creole ▪ Somali ▪ South Asian, general ▪ Spaniard ▪ Swedish ▪ Tigre ▪ Turk ▪ Ukrainian ▪ Ulster Irish ▪ Vietnamese ▪ Welsh ▪ Yahudic ▪ Yoruba

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