Information about Egypt

Area (sq km):997,739
FIPS Country Code:EG
ISO Country Code:EG
GRN Office:

Map of Egypt

Map of Egypt

Languages and dialects spoken in Egypt

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Language Names Recordings Available
Arabic, Eastern Egyptian Bedawi - ISO Language [avl]
Arabic, Egyptian - ISO Language [arz]
Arabic, Egyptian: Cairene Arabic [arz]
Arabic, Sa'idi [Egypt] - ISO Language [aec]

People Groups in Egypt

Abaza; Adyghe; Albanian, Tosk; Algerian, Arabic-speaking; Amhara, Ethiopian; Arab; Arab, Egyptian; Arab, Lebanese; Arab, Libyan; Arab, Palestinian; Arab, Saidi; Arab, Sudanese; Arab, Yemeni; Armenian; Baharia; Bedouin, Levantine; Beja, Bedawi; British; Chechen; Deaf; Filipino, Tagalog; French; Fur; German; Greek; Gypsy, Domari; Gypsy, Halebi; Italian; Jew, Egyptian Speaking; Kharga, Selima; Nubian, Arabized; Nubian, Fedicca / Mohas; Nubian, Kunuz; Oromo, Tulama; Russian; Siwa; South Asian, general; Tuareg, Algerian; Turk;