Information about Comoros

Area (sq km):1,862
FIPS Country Code:CN
ISO Country Code:KM
GRN Office:

Map of Comoros

Map of Comoros

Languages and dialects spoken in Comoros

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Found 5 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
Arabic: Classical [Comoros] [arb]
French: Africa [Cameroon] [fra]
Shimwali [Comoros] - ISO Language [wlc]
Shindzwani [Comoros] - ISO Language [wni]
Shingazidja [Comoros] - ISO Language [zdj]

People Groups in Comoros

Arab; Comorian, Mwali; Comorian, Ndzwani; Comorian, Ngazidja; Deaf; French; Makua, Makhuwa-Meetto; Malagasy-Antalaotra; Malay; Reunionese Creole; Swahili; Vezo;