Information about Burundi

Area (sq km):27,834
FIPS Country Code:BY
ISO Country Code:BI
GRN Office:

Map of Burundi

Map of Burundi

Languages and dialects spoken in Burundi

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Language Names Recordings Available
Burundian Sign Language - Other Speech Variety
English: Africa [Sierra Leone] - Group of Dialects [eng]
French [Jersey] - ISO Language [fra]
French: Africa [Cameroon] - Group of Dialects [fra]
Kirundi [Burundi] - ISO Language [run]

People Groups in Burundi

Arab; Deaf; English-Speaking, general; French-Speaking, general; Greek; Gujarati; Hutu, Rundi; Hutu, Rwandese; Lingala; Pygmy, Twa; Swahili; Tutsi;