Canada Praise and Prayer - February 2023

1. U.S.A. - Collin Stott, the former U.S.A. director has finished the race and is now in the presence of our saviour. Please pray for his wife Patti. She has taken care of Collin and now adjusts to life on her own. Both Collin and Patti have dedicated their lives to the ministry of Global Recordings.

2. Canada - David and Marian Elliott fly from British Columbia today to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Pray that their flight will go smoothly. They will be representing the mission at Manitoba Mission Fest this weekend.

3. Canada - Manitoba Mission Fest starts today and goes through to Sunday evening. Pray that many good contacts will be made for the ministry.

4. Mexico - Culiacan project - The annual outreach to migrant workers is taking place in Culiacan, Mexico until the middle of February. Pray that many will hear God's word in their own language and for many to come to faith in Christ.

5. Canada - Manitoba Mission Fest comes to an end today. Pray for those that attended the event that they will be motivated to do more for missions. Pray for 120 exhibitors that they will continue to see results from those who attended the conference.

6. Canada - David and Marian Elliott will be visiting with longtime friends and supporters today, before they fly back to Hamilton. Pray that the flight will be on time and they will have a safe journey home.

7. Canada - David Elliott will be attending the Heritage College missions conference today and tomorrow. This is a good opportunity to talk with students, teachers and other missions about the ministry of GRN as well as the 5fish app. Pray for open doors to share about the ministry.

8. Kenya - James and Walter have experienced numerous delays in recording the Hadzabe language spoken on the Kenya/Tanzania border area. Pray for good language helpers who will work with them on this task. Pray that there will be no further delays and the recording can take place as planned.

9. U.S.A. - Ed Young, is recording scripts especially prepared for refugees in 5 languages. Pray the recordings will bear fruit among the millions of refugees now living in countries far from their homes.

10. Amazonian Recordings - Please pray for recordist Gustavo and his team, who will be recording a number of minority languages in Colombia and Peru. Pray that material produced will be culturally helpful, technologically sound, and spiritually fruitful.

11. West Africa - GRN Switzerland coordinates the support of the work of GRN in West Africa. Pray for Philippe, the Swiss leader, to have godly insight and understanding as he provides advice and practical support to these teams.

12. Brazil - The Brazil team is looking to God to direct their steps for this year's new projects. May God fill them with the knowledge of His will and open doors for them wherever He wants them to be recording.

13. Unrecorded Languages - There remain hundreds of languages and speech varieties un-recorded. Ask God to empower GRN to record unrecorded languages and for many to hear God's word as they listen.

14. Canada - Kevin Horan is seconded to Galcom International to develop software to help meet their need. He has been instrumental in implementing their ordering system. Please pray for good progress on all the software projects he is working on.

15. Canada - The GRN Canada board will meet this evening. The board members give of their time to provide guidance and oversight of the mission. Pray for board chair, Christina Waters as she guides the meeting. Pray also for the board members; Roy Grant; Jon Wilton; Glenn Wilton; Kelly Millar and Bill Pearson. Pray for wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every decision that is made.

16. International Leadership - A candidate for the job of International Director for GRN has come forward. Pray for wisdom for the GRN Centres as they consider the proposed candidate.

17. Asia - GRN staff in a war-torn Asian country have been unable to go out for months but have continued to reach out to their compatriots with the Gospel via social media. They are hoping to record further languages in 2023. Pray the Lord will protect them and facilitate their work.

18. Nigeria - There are still over 500 languages in Nigeria that GRN has not recorded. Our goal is to tell the story of Jesus in every language. Pray that the GRN team will be encouraged to keep moving forward toward that goal.

19. GRN Internet - We hear of stories of how a computer system has been compromised and damage has been done to the system. GRN needs to be constantly vigilant against cyber-attacks. Pray for the GRN Information Systems team and its efforts to provide secure systems.

20. Mexico - Pray for Chucho Loyo, and his team as they finish up the Culiacan project. The ministry continues with follow-up and debriefing for this year's outreach. Pray that the team will find time to rest following their busy schedule.

21. Information systems team - The Information Systems team has some significant projects it would like to accelerate to help GRN's ministry. These include reworking the GRN website, using artificial intelligence for language identification, increasing testing and security across many systems, and developing a new mobile application to help our recordists in the field. Pray the Lord will provide the funds, and more importantly the skilled people, to be able to advance this work.

22. Canada - Pray for David Elliott, he oversees the everyday operation of the Canadian office. The board is continuing the search for David's replacement. Pray for God's timing for the right person to be raised up.

23. Canada - Ruth Horan continues to work on thousands of scanned documents in order to make sure the GRN data base is accurate. Pray for patience and wisdom as she steadily works through them.

24. South Africa - Pray for Dalene, as she endeavors to send out mp3 players and picture books to different locations across southern Africa through various contacts, networks and creative means. Pray for safe arrival of these resources to those who need to hear the Gospel.

25. 5fish App - We praise the Lord that increasing numbers of people all over the world are downloading the 5fish app and listening to the messages or using the app to share with others. Praise that the interface is now in over 40 languages making it easier to access for many.

26. International Council - Graydon Colville asks prayer for all the preparations and planning that will need to be done for the GRN International Council meeting, which will take place in October 2023. The meeting involves all of the GRN field leaders which happens every 4 years.

27. God's Provision - Give thanks for God's faithful provision over many decades. Ask our Lord to raise up the next generation of praying people to bring GRN before God's throne and the next generation of donors to provide for staff and ministry needs. Donation tax receipts are being sent out for individuals that have supported the ministry in 2022. Pray that new donors will support the ministry in 2023.

28. To Every Language - We are reminded in Revelation 5:9 that God's plan is for all language groups to be part of his kingdom. "... because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation." (NIV) Pray that each tribe and language group will have the Good News of Jesus in a form they can understand.

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