Canada Praise and Prayer - December 2022

1. Kenya - Recordist James Shikuku has been recording the Hazabe language. Pray for James, as he works on the editing process. They will be distributed in the new year.

2. Ukraine - As the war continues the citizens of continue to suffer hardship, as they lack the many of the basic items, we take for granted. Pray that peace will come to the people of Ukraine. Pray for Christian ministries that continue to serve the needs of the people and share the Good News of Jesus.

3. Kenya - Walter Okelo provides leadership for the ministry in Kenya as well as overseeing the distribution of GRN materials. Pray that God will give him wisdom in how to best spend his time.

4. Canada - As the end of the year approaches it is important that we see all of our financial needs met. Pray that God will raise up new supporters to join the ministry. The increased cost due to inflation has impacted the mission, as everything has become more expensive.

5. Audio players - Some GRN centers have started using the Kulumi mp3 players. This is another tool being used to get the gospel to oral learners. Pray for the Canadian office as we explore ways in which we can provide this equipment to other GRN centers, including Kenya.

6. France and Brazil - GRN Brazil and France are facing difficult challenges; pray for their Boards and workers as they seek God's will and direction. Pray for courage and willingness to follow where the Lord leads.

7. South Africa - Dalene gives thanks for new volunteers, and many ministry opportunities opening up in her region. There are two families who would love to serve full time with Dalene in South Africa.

8. 5fish App - Praise the Lord that the 5fish App can now be accessed in 30 languages. Many thousands of people around the world are using this wonderful App to hear their own language and reach out to others who are not Christians.

9. Asia - GRN staff in a difficult Asian country have recorded in the Brushaski language. They are also planning recordings in Mari, Dhewari and Hazargi. Thank the Lord for opportunities to make these new recordings.

10. Recordist - The recording task is a real challenge and one way we are tackling it is by training folk from other missions to record in languages with which they are or will be working. Pray for the trainees who took part in the courses.

11. Canada - Pray for Ruth and Kevin Horan, they are committed in giving there all in serving the Lord in the area of missions. Pray that God will bless their young family this Christmas.

12. South Africa - Praise God for new volunteers working with GRN in South Africa. Pray that those who hope to work full time will be able to find the funding to provide for their families if they devote their time to the work.

13. Mexico - Give thanks for our Mexico team. Pray for Chuy, as he makes recordings in some of the hundreds of languages spoken there. Pray also for Chucho and Diana, as they distribute Gospel recordings to Mexico's tribal people in their own languages. Pray for their new recordists to have opportunities to record.

14. Language Mapping - Claud, Rob, Andrew and Kerrie (volunteer) in Australia, and Allan and his team of volunteers in the USA, are working on a range of mapping projects. These should enable us to generate language maps to help research and recording efforts in each country. Pray for these efforts.

15. Revival in Canada - Pray that revival would come to our country. Pray for a renewed concern for the lost, both here and abroad. Pray that we believers might live our lives with love, grace and a definite sense of purpose.

16. Please pray for these new Kulumi mp3 players which we are now ordering to send out the audio Good News in many languages.

17. Canada - The search continues for a new Director to take over from David Elliott. Pray for the search committee as they explore ways of making the need known.

18. Europe - Across Europe our materials are being widely used to reach out to Migrants and refugees. Please pray for the volunteers from many countries involved in this amazing outreach.

19. Australia - The GRN team gives thanks that their new studio plans have been approved by the local council. Continue to pray as they look for a suitable and capable builder for the construction.

20. Europe - The GRN European teams are kept busy reaching out to the thousands of refugees escaping from their own countries because of terrorism, war, famine and political unrest.

21. Switzerland - Pray for Phillippe and GRN Switzerland as they support the work in many West African countries.

22. Tumi Tiger - The Tumi Tiger player and its accompanying script, written especially for children in South Africa dealing with trauma, has proven to be very helpful and effective. Pray for the wider use of the Tiger, to reach similarly affected children from other countries.

23. International Director - An individual has come forward as a good candidate for the position. A process has been put in place which will be worked through in the coming months. Pray for God's continued guidance in the process of confirmation.

24. United Kingdom - Pray that Kenny McKee, that he will have more recording opportunities among the migrants and visitors whose mother tongue is not English but who are currently living in the UK. Several scripts are being translated.

25. Wishing you a Merry Christmas from GRN Canada - "And the angel said to them, "Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." Luke 2: 10-11 (ESV)

26. U.S. - The U.S. office has appointed Dr. Skip Garmo as an interim Director, as of December 1st. The Board is continuing their search for a permanent director. Pray for Dr. Gramo as he takes over the leadership and the Board as they continue the search for a permanent director.

27. GRN Philippines: Recordists have completed recordings made in the Buhid language spoken on Mindoro Island. Pray for effective distribution, for God's work in the hearts and minds of the listeners, and for opportunities to continue recording the languages that are spoken on this island, where visitors are treated with great suspicion.

28. The Reach oif GRN's Resources - Pray for people to find GRN recordings and audio-visuals, listen to and watch them attentively, and for the Holy Spirit to be at work in hearts and minds to bring people to faith.

29. Kenya - Pray for Walter and James as they have a break over the Christmas holidays. Pray that they will be rested and ready to continue their valuable ministry.

30. Year-end - David Elliott asks for prayer as he finalizes the 2022 books. Early in the new year work will begin on the tax receipts and preparing the financial records for the annual audit review.

31. Canada - I want to thank you for your prayers on behalf of the various centers and ministries mentioned in each of the prayer requests. I want to remind supporters that the Canadian office does not necessarily provide funds to all of these centers or projects. The only projects in which we can send funds are those that are approved by the GRN Canada Board. Our focus at this point continues to be the ministry in Kenya. As extra funds come available the Board will decide upon other needy GRN projects.

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