Canada Praise and Prayer - March 2021

1. COVID-19 is still having a formidable impact on the world and GRN is not immune from it. It has made life difficult for all. But let us ask God to use this plague to get the attention of those nations that follow false gods and those who once knew the Truth but have since rejected it. Pray the Prince of Peace will draw fearful hearts to Himself.

2. Project Culiacan - Pray for the follow up of hundreds of migrant farm laborers who heard the gospel in their languages at the recent GRN outreach in Culiacan, Mexico. Pray they will be convicted and convinced by the Holy Spirit to become worshipers of the one true God.

3. Visa for Canada - Pray for Ruth and Kevin Horan, as they work through the visa application process. Kevin has now submitted his finger prints and will now get a physical. Pray that the visa will come through soon.

4. Canada - Pray for David Elliott, as he corresponds with the Kenya office and makes sure the office needs are met.

5. Tanzania - Give thanks for Godsave and his wife Beatrice who have been a blessing to the ministry of GRN. Pray that the government will forgive the taxes and fees charged against the ministry.

6. Prayer partners such as yourselves are a vital part of the ministry. We are told to come before God and make our needs known. You are that link that enables the ministry to go forward. Pray that more people would uphold the ministries of GRN Canada in prayer.

7. Unrecorded languages - With hundreds of languages and dialects still unrecorded, GRN is praying for its field teams to accelerate recording the remaining unrecorded languages and dialects. Ask God to provide good distribution networks and partnerships.

8. GRN Kenya team visited the Maasai people the end of last year. Pray that the hearing of the gospel story will bear much fruit in the lives of these iconic herdsmen and their families. Pray for GRN staff, Walter and James and their families, as they seek to record and distribute the good news in all the languages of Kenya.

9. Mp3 players sent to Uganda - The GRN team in the UK sent several MegaVoice mp3 players to Uganda loaded with gospel content in local languages. The team also sent Bible story picture books to accompany the recordings. Pray for safe delivery of these materials and for many men, women and children to respond to hearing the good news.

10. Spain - GRN missionaries, Joel Hernandez and Carlos Ramos, and their families are based in Spain. They are promoting the GRN ministry with a special focus on the people and languages of North Africa. Pray that God will use Joel and Carlos to establish GRN as a fruitful ministry in this spiritually-challenging region.

11. GRN Canada Annual Banquet - Last year we had to cancel the banquet due to the pandemic. This year we decided to do a virtual banquet. Please look on to sign up for the meeting which will take place on April 17th.

12. Papua New Guinea - Pray for Merolin Gawa, as she promotes the ministry of GRN. There are still many languages in PNG that need to be recorded. Pray for new workers to join this needy work for the Lord.

13. GRN Brazil needs more workers, pray for additional workers to join the GRN Brazil team. It wants to increase its recording capacity so the Good News will be available for even the smallest tribes.

14. Kenya - Pray for Walter and Pauline Okelo, they are expecting another child. They have two lovely little children. Pray their needs as a family will be met. Pauline is a teacher who teaches in a town far away from the family.

15. Kenya - Pray for James and Catherine, they live with James' parents, which is far from the office. Pray that they will be able to find a closer location or a vehicle that will make traveling to the office easier.

16. Islam - Millions of Muslims pray five times a day. Pray that God will reveal truth to them. Pray for fruitful labors by GRN teams that work in Islamic countries.

17. Special Language Project - Four program translations have been completed by a GRN team in Asia. It is working with ministry partners to make recordings in at least seven languages spoken in a nearby Tibetan Buddhist country. There are no known followers of Christ in any of these groups. Pray for more good translators, language helpers and good recording arrangements.

18. Mexico - Pray for the team as they prepare for a recordist training course to take place in August.

19. Hinduism has millions of gods and idols. Pray that staff in GRN Centres in Hindu nations will show the love of God and the beauty of Christ even as persecution and opposition against Christianity increases.

20. Pray for the GRN leadership search team as they plan for the transition of a new International Director by 2023.

21. Indonesia - Throughout the islands of Indonesia, many languages are spoken that still need a witness of the Truth. Pray for opportunities for recordists Chandra and Ronnie to make good progress recording Bible stories in those languages. Pray for more workers to join them to be trained as recordists, and for an increase in office and promotional teams.

22. Thai leadership - The GRN Thailand Board has chosen senior staff member, Lot Ganoi, to become the next Thai Centre leader. Pray for a smooth succession from Jon Rulison to Lot.

23. Asia - This is one of the neediest areas of the world to get the Word of God into the local languages. Pray for the GRN missionaries that work in this area to find translators and others that can assist in recording new language groups.

24. Three challenging countries - Half of GRN's unrecorded languages are in India, Indonesia and PNG. Pray for a great increase in recording opportunities and divine openings for GRN teams to tell the story of Jesus to people living in these countries. Pray too for a great increase in the GRN workforce and in the number of ministry partners.

25. Canada - Diane Roberts, is the financial assistant who comes into the office once a month. Pray that she will be blessed by her service to GRN Canada.

26. Buddhism - Missionary endeavors over two centuries have yielded little fruit. Much prayer is needed to bring the truth of the gospel to millions of Buddhists. Pray for fruitful labors by GRN teams working in Buddhist nations.

27. Kenya - There are plans to record new languages this year and for further distribution as well as follow-up meetings. Pray that our office will be able to provide the financial funding to cover these expenses.

28. Netherlands - GRN has a team in the Netherlands led by Marion Westerink. Pray that God will cause her to grow in her role as director, and that she will have a good rapport with the other Europe teams.

29. Recordists need to have God's glory as their chief motivation in their work, and a willingness to do whatever it takes for His story to be told in every language. In addition to special training, pray that recordists will have strong prayer support. Their assignment often sees them traveling to remote locations and facing hostile environments.

30. GRN Canada Virtual Banquet - Pray that the preparations for the first virtual GRN Canada meeting will come together. Pierre-Yves, a GRN Canada board member is helping prepare the technical aspects.

31. Canada - The travel restrictions over the past year have prevented us to attend mission events in order to make the work known. Pray that we will soon be able to resume meetings to promote the ministry.

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