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Reflecting on Falcon Heavy Launch and disruption

David Miller - Wednesday 07 February 2018

Today I awoke to discover that Elon Musk's SpaceX had successfully launch the Falcon Heavy on its maiden launch. Utterly amazing.

The Falcon Heavy is one of the largest operating space launch vehicles. It consists of a central core, based on the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, with 2 Falcon 9s attached. In case you aren't familiar with it, the Falcon 9 is a reusable launch vehicle that is capable of returning to the launch site after it has placed its payload into orbit. Fully automated and reusable. That in itself is amazing. To build the Falcon Heavy and successfully launch on the first flight with the 2 Falcon 9s returning to launch site and and the core almost making drone ship, and to insert the payload into orbit without exploding or breaking up is just mind blowing. And they did it with typical SpaceX flair!

This got me to thinking Elon Musk's accomplishments. Reuseable space vehicles reducing cost with SpaceX, electric cars with Tesla, as well as power storage systems such as the battery complex recently installed in South Australia, and being founder of Paypal, amongst other things. He has a history being disruptive in whatever market he enters, looking for ways to do things differently. And they are big missions, he doesn't seem to take on small challenges, but huge ones, like settling Mars!

Which makes me think what would Elon Musk do to disrupt and faster achieve our mission? Global Recordings Network's mission is massive - get the story of Jesus available to all people in the world in their own language so that they can understand. It's something which he could really get his teeth into! And its something too which God has given me to get my teeth into. A mission worthy of a life.