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Christine Platt - Monday 24 October 2016

So easy, even a child can do it.
So complicated, as complicated as the relationship between you and God and all the other people touched by the implications of your prayer.

Relationship….. love, faith, hope, grace
…… patience, forgiveness
……. endurance, suffering, persecution, persistence

I don’t pray (or at least don’t remember doing so) and God shows up and does something miraculous. Thank you Lord.
I do pray and He answers immediately. Thank you Lord.
I pray and nothing happens. I pray and enlist others to pray. God shows up. Thank you Lord.
I pray. I enlist others to pray and still it seems that there is no answer. Thank you Lord.

It seems that I can’t make a box that God fits in neatly. Every box I make, bits of God keep on sticking out. The answer is: to stop trying to put God in a box but to worship and adore Him as He is, to pray not demanding a predetermined response but rejoicing in His presence and love, and not getting discouraged because He’s not doing what I think He should do but giving thanks in all circumstances.
The trouble is that I want to be in control, I want to know what’s going on and I get frustrated when I don’t. Guess that I need to repent, let God be God, and get with His program (which without a doubt is going to be better than mine). Help me Lord Jesus!