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Anton Meyer - Friday 20 May 2016

STOP! STOP! Someone hit the brakes! Get your foot off the accelerator! It’s the end of May and it is only one month from the middle of the year. But… but it’s only just started. That’s the way it feels anyway. I’m recording and compiling videos for “distance teaching/learning” for the training of trainers and every time I look around, another month has passed. As they say: ”Time passes when you’re having fun”.

Is that true or is it just that life has become so hectic that we don’t notice the passing of time as we used to. We move from one engagement to the next without noticing the passing of time because we are so involved in everything and we have piled so much onto the plate that we no longer have time to be quiet and to take a good look at ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our quiet time with the Lord, because we have made time for that and have put that into the schedule. But is that all it has become? Just another entry in the calendar or to do list?

I just don’t seem to get the point where I can go and sit on the rocks and stare at the sea to drink in the tranquillity it brings so that I can take a good look at myself. Where do I stand in my relationship with my family, my friends and my colleagues? Jesus went off just to have time to Himself away from His disciples.

The quiet time with oneself often turns into quiet time with the LORD. The difference is that it is not regimented quiet time with Bible and study notes under the arm. This is just one on one quiet time with the Creator of the universe. Quiet time with a very dear friend and Father. Irreplaceable and incomparable.