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Graydon Colville - Sunday 07 February 2016

No doubt, one of the biggest challenges facing the world at present is the challenge of displaced people. Europe in particular is facing this challenge but it touches many countries in the world.

Several of our European offices are ramping up efforts to impact the lives of refugees many of whom come from countries and contexts where the good news of Jesus faces considerable opposition and restriction. Amidst the suffering, frustrations and hopelessness some of these refugees are finding hope and new life in Jesus.

While we acknolwedge the evil in our world that has given rise to this problem we know also that God can bring good out of it. The flood of refugees seeking asylum in the 'West' is providing the church with an unprecendented opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways and share the good news of salvation. We don't want to ignore either the physical needs or the spiritual needs of these people.

GRN Audio programs available through the internet to your phone or computer give Christians everywhere the ability to share words of life and hope in the language that speaks best to those coming from other countries - whether they are refugees, migrants or just visitors.

If you are not yet equipped to do this I would encourage you to get yourself up to speed. Then pray for God given opportunties to tell others about Jesus.