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Variety - the spice of life

Dave Hughes - Tuesday 24 May 2016

I've always enjoyed variety in my work, and wow - in missions there is plenty of variety. We seem to have very broad job descriptions. And I'm one that loves it that way.

My current role involves implementing an online training system for our Recordists around the world, so that they can update their skills over the internet.

In the past I've been involved in email marketing, search engine optimisation, website translation projects, user experience testing of websites and applications, customer relationship management database installation, writing scripts for radio and the list goes on.

So if you are wondering about how you could use your gifts in mission, there is very likely to be a place for you. Contact us here at Global Recordings, or approach another mission, and enjoy the privilege of using your gifts in His kingdom.

No better place to be

Dave Hughes - Tuesday 02 February 2016

I have the privilege of often being the first person spoken to by those considering some staff or volunteer involvement with GRN Australia.

God works in many different ways in peoples lives, and it's a privilege being a part of their journey.

At GRN our philosophy is to pray with them that God will make his way clear. We only want them in GRN if it's clear both to them and us that this is the place that God wants them to be.

This is quite freeing. There is no pressure from us, but rather we are there partner with and assist them in their decision making.

And God's makes his will clear in many different ways. For some God seems to call them into GRN very clearly. But for others, like myself, there isn't that clear voice. For me it was more of a fit with the things that he had put on my heart, as well as the match of my gifts and experience with the needs of GRN.

However it comes about, for those wondering about what's next, and whether missions work or GRN may be a part of it, we pray that you will seek and find where God wants you to be. There is no better place to be.

GRN's resources on short term missions

Dave Hughes - Wednesday 21 October 2015

One of the greatest uses for GRN's resources in my opinion is the short term mission.

GRN's resources enable short term mission participants to immediately share the Gospel in culturally appropriate ways even when they don't speak a word of the language.

Their value was illustrated to me while visiting a physio. During the treatment the physio asked me where I worked, and when I mentioned Global Recordings Network, he told me a story of having used GRN's resources while on a short term medical mission in southern Asia.

During his breaks he would go out and play GRN's recordings to the locals in their heart language.

The physio was particularly excited on this day, as he had recently received a letter from a lady who had responded to the Gospel during his visit.

Since that time she had continued with the faith that began that day in her. She had been to Bible college, and the letter was sharing that she was now in the process of starting a church.

What a privilege for my physio to be a part of what God has done in the life of this lady, her family and her community.

And thank God for the way he used GRN's resources on this short term mission and so many others.

Why work at Global Recordings Network?

Dave Hughes - Tuesday 01 September 2015

Every job has it’s strengths and weaknesses. So why work at GRN?

For me the motivation is Jesus. He has made all the difference in my life. At GRN we introduce others to Him. We tell them His story in a way that they understand – we use their own voices and music to tell it in the most culturally appropriate ways possible.

So like any job, working here has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and some days are more enjoyable than others. But there is the overriding knowledge that I’m playing a small but important role in others hearing, understanding and responding to the story of Jesus.

My impressions on the leadership of GRN centres

Dave Hughes - Tuesday 28 April 2015

I’ve recently returned from attending the GRN International Council meetings in Thailand. GRN Centre Directors meet every four years to plan, network and make decisions. I was invited to get to know the directors and build a relationship with them that will enable us to serve them better. I also videoed them telling stories about how GRN is impacting individuals and language groups.

I was thrilled to see the quality of leaders GRN has across the world. Many of these leaders are paying a great cost to see God’s Word made known in the languages of their nation. Some were suffering extreme persecution. Many lacked financial resources. But they appeared to be people of integrity and spiritual maturity, and often had a deep sense of calling from the Lord to the work of GRN. I was astounded to hear how much time and focus some of these centres place on prayer.

It was also very encouraging to see that they all seemed excited about and committed to the same vision. There was no sense of different centres having different visions. Rather, they all seemed committed to giving everyone the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus in their own heart language.

The other area that stood out to me was unity. From the start, the feeling was that of good friends happy to meet together again. There appeared to be considerable trust and respect. One of the highlights of each day was the country reports where Directors shared what was happening in their countries. There was time for questions and then we prayed for them. From their reports I received some ideas for how we can do things better here in Australia.

I came home feeling privileged to serve these centre directors. I’m keen to assist their work however I can from a distance.

My feeling is that it is a united and godly team. If you are considering supporting GRN I believe it's a good place to invest your finances, time and prayers. (Psalm 133)

Feel free to contact me if you want to get my thoughts on anything.

What inspired me to join GRN

Dave Hughes - Friday 19 December 2014

It’s been three years now since I joined GRN Australia. As with many of the staff, I started as a volunteer, but it took just one week to catch the vision.

One of GRN’s recordists from Nepal was visiting and he shared about a language group that he was trying to produce recordings for. To get to them he had to make a 20 hour bus trip and then walk through the jungle for days. Along the way he had to cross a river using a rope, hand over foot, with all his recording equipment on his back. Wow, I thought – these guys really go through a lot of effort to make their recordings.

The recordist’s prayer was that one or more people would be willing to act as language helpers, translating and then speaking out the materials so that he could record their voices. He had visited them before, and no-one had been willing. But GRN’s recordist was willing to have another go. Right then I caught the vision.

It doesn’t seem right for whole language groups to live and die without hearing the good news of Jesus in their own heart language? Through the work of GRN, the resources to communicate the gospel to the language group can be made available for just a few months of work, and just a few thousand dollars. They are then made available to whoever wants to use them to reach the group.

Right there and then I wanted to be part of it. I feel like GRN’s ministry is a bit like the parable of the lost sheep. GRN go to the smallest the remotest and the least reached. I feel that their ministry is a reflection of the Lord’s heart.

Three years later I’m still here. Like most people here, what motivates me is that I want everyone to have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus in their own heart language. This is the heart of GRN and what I want to be a part of.

The privilege of feedback

Dave Hughes - Tuesday 30 September 2014

One of the things that I love about working at GRN is the privilege of getting feedback on how our materials are being used, and the difference that they are making in communities all over the world.

I know that many missionaries may not have this privilege, but rather have to work for years without seeing tangible fruit for their efforts. I feel for them.

But we are in the privileged position of having hundreds of hours of our materials downloaded every day, and it’s fairly common to get feedback.

For example, not long ago a bible translator in Chad asked if we had some materials available in the language she was working in. We did, but as they weren’t yet available on our website I was able to work with the studio to prioritise getting them uploaded to the website for her.

The bible translator then took the time to give us some feedback on the materials. She commented on how accurate the translation was. The songs were appropriate. The music was good. Even the main voice of the speaker was recognised to be one of the most respected men in the area. Her enthusiastic and grateful response came through, and I was able to visualise her using the resources in her community.

It was very encouraging for me receiving this feedback. I’m a long way from Chad, working in an office in Sydney, and yet my efforts can play a part in the gospel going forth in Chad, and indeed all over the world.