Canada Praise and Prayer - August 2021

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1. Canada- Kevin and Ruth Horan are currently in Canada. Kevin is waiting for his passport renewal so he can send a copy to the Canadian consulate for his visa. Pray that it will be returned soon.

2. Europe - Daniel from France has taught 40 mission workers in Greece how to use the GRN 5fish program. They are rejoicing in 25 refugees who came to the Lord and were baptized. Please uphold the ministry to refugees in prayer.

4. Mexico - Jesus Loyo, the GRN team leader for Mexico asks for prayer for his parents. It is believed they are infected with the corona virus.

5. Kenya -Praise God for the completion of the initial recording of the Rabia language. Pray for James Shikuku, as he works on completing the final editing of the recordings.

6. South Africa - The GRN South Africa bank account came under attack from online thieves. Pray for leader, Dalene, as she increases security measures. Pray for the entire South Africa team, as they live with increased violence and lawlessness.

7. Brazil - GRN Brazil wants to increase its recording capacity so the good news will be available for even the smallest tribes. Pray for new workers, called by God, and sent and supported by their home churches to work fulltime to reach all the people groups of Brazil.

8. Australia - Pray for God's anointing on GRN Australia field staff, Yousif and Vivian, as they continue with their recording work on Elcho Island, in the Northern Territory of Australia. Ask God to bless the work of their hands.

9. Chad - The Kibet people are one of the Tama-speaking peoples of Chad. Pray they will soon "Count all things as loss for the sake of knowing Christ." (Phil 3:7)

10. Thailand - The GRN Thai Board has appointed staff member, Lot, to become the next leader. Pray for a smooth transition as he takes over from Jon.

11. Thailand - Praise God for the good contacts that GRN Thailand has built with the Nyaw people of Northern Thailand. Pray according to Phil 1:11, that the Nyaw people will soon be "...filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ-to the glory and praise of God."

12. Colombia - Pray for Philip, who was recently trained on GRN recording equipment and who is searching out contacts and language helpers in three unrecorded languages of Colombia. Pray for God's direction as Philip seeks to share God's message with these groups.

13. Canada - Over the past year and a half church and Bible school meetings have been on hold due to restrictions put in place. Pray for opportunit-ies for in person meetings to take place again.

14. Kenya - Pray for the Kenya team, they want to record the Uduk language of South Sudan and the Karamojong language of Uganda.

15. Brazil - The team praises God for enabling them to complete the recording of the New Testament in the Kadiweu language.

16. Philippines - The GRN team would love to return to Mindoro Island to maintain contact with the tribal people, distribute completed recordings, and record more of the languages spoken there. Pray for wisdom and creativity regarding future recording and distribution projects.

17. International Director - Please pray for the search for a replacement of Graydon Colville's successor in the International Director role. Graydon plans to step down in late 2023. Pray for wisdom, patience and unity for the ID search committee. Pray for God's work in preparing His person for the role and leading them to apply.

18. Kenya - Walter Okelo, the team leader is planning to distribute at least 3 languages before the end of this year. Pray that travel restrictions will be lifted and churches will be allowed to meet in the coming months. Pray for safety as they continue the ministry, many people have not been vaccinated against covid 19.

19. International - Success on the frontlines depends much on good logistical support from GRN Centres. This includes our Global Studio and IT specialists. Other staff handle finances, promotion, member care, donor relations, and more. Ask God to send us more logistical support staff.

20. Indonesia - The GRN Indonesia leader is ready to retire. Ask God to provide a suitable person to replace him. Meanwhile, the GRN recordists in Indonesia are working hard, often in dangerous circumstances. Pray for their safety and productivity.

21 Sierra Leone - Pray that the Lord will increase the GRN work in Sierra Leone. There is much to be done to record the good news in every language. Pray for Spirit-filled leadership, fruitful recruitment of dedicated workers, and a great increase in ministry intercessors and financial partners.

22. Sudan - There are eleven people groups in Sudan with no known believers and no gospel resources. Pray that helpers can be found to enable recordings in each of the eleven groups.

23. Mali - GRN in Mali has a new recordist candidate who is learning to make his first recordings. Pray he will be safe, effective at recording, and productive telling the story of Jesus in various languages of Mali.

24. Canada - Pray for Kevin and Ruth Horan, as they return to their home in California today. They have spent the last six weeks in Canada.

25. Pray for workers - Jesus instructs us in Luke 10:2 to pray for workers. So, pray for those with the skills GRN needs. Ask God to send us recordists, researchers, trainers, scriptwriters, IT support, and social media workers. Pray our workforce will multiply as we form partnerships, work smarter, and adopt new technologies.

26. International - Rob (Australia) is making improvements to GRID, our global database. This software helps GRN manage data on nearly 16,000 programs and over 18,000 languages and speech varieties. Pray for Rob and Noel as they keep GRN's huge language library running smoothly.

27. United Kingdom - Kenny and Joan McKee report that, "We have been so blessed since we moved to Scotland in August 2019, almost 2 years ago. Pray for travel and flights to be open, to enable us to make recordings again. Please pray also, for two more new Board members and a few volunteers."

28. Continue in Prayer - "Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ." (Colossians 4: 2-3 NIV)

29. India - India has a large number of unrecorded languages. Currently there is no GRN Centre there to coordinate a strategic recording and distribution program. Pray that God in His time will raise up Spirit-filled workers to establish a viable hub to further the proclamation of the gospel in all of India's languages.

30. Canada - Please pray for God's direction and leading for the ministry in Canada to expand its footprint in workers, prayer and financial support for the ministry.

31. Telling the story of Jesus - Pray for a high level of incentive to tell the story of Jesus on social media and through 5fish. Pray for more partners. These open up personal encounters using GRN messages for listening groups, marketplace evangelism, and showings of the JESUS film. There is no limit to ways to tell the story of Jesus.

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