Information about Guatemala

Region:The Americas
Capital:Guatemala City
Area (sq km):108,889
FIPS Country Code:GT
ISO Country Code:GT
GRN Office:

Map of Guatemala

Map of Guatemala

Languages and dialects spoken in Guatemala

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Found 55 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
Achi: Cubulco [Guatemala] [acr]
Achi: Rabinal [Guatemala] [acr]
Akateko [Guatemala] - ISO Language [knj]
Awakateko [Guatemala] - ISO Language [agu]
Cakchiquel: Oriental [Guatemala] [cak]
Cakchiquel: Patzun [Guatemala] [cak]
Cakchiquel: San Martin Jilotepeque [Guatemala] [cak]
Cakchiquel: Santa Maria de Jesus [Guatemala] [cak]
Cakchiquel: Solola [Guatemala] [cak]
Cakchiquel: Sur de Sacatepequez [Guatemala] [cak]
Cakchiquel: Xenacoj [Guatemala] [cak]
Cakchiquel: Yepocapa & Acatenango [Guatemala] [cak]
Ch'orti' [Guatemala] - ISO Language [caa]
Chuj [Guatemala] - ISO Language [cac]
Chuj: San Sebastian Coatan [Guatemala] [cac]
Ixil [Guatemala] - ISO Language [ixl]
Ixil: Chajul [Guatemala] [ixl]
Ixil: Cotzal [Guatemala] [ixl]
Ixil: Nebaj [Guatemala] [ixl]
Kakchikel: Chimaltenango [Guatemala] [cak]
Kanjobal: San Juan Ixcoy [Guatemala] [kjb]
Kaqchikel [Guatemala] - ISO Language [cak]
Kekchi [Guatemala] - ISO Language [kek]
K'iche' [Guatemala] - ISO Language [quc]
Kiche: Cunen [Guatemala] [quc]
K'iche': West Central [Guatemala] [quc]
Lacandon: Lacanja [Chiapas] [lac]
Mam [Guatemala] - ISO Language [mam]
Mam: Comitancillo [Guatemala] [mam]
Mam: Maya-Tektiteko [Guatemala] - ISO Language [ttc]
Mam: Northern [Guatemala] [mam]
Mam: Ostuncalco [Guatemala] [mam]
Mam: Tacaneco & Mame: Frontera [Guatemala] [mam]
Mam: Tajumulco [Guatemala] [mam]
Mam: Todos Santos [Guatemala] [mam]
Popti': Eastern [Guatemala] [jac]
Poqomam: Central [Guatemala] [poc]
Poqomam: Oriental [Guatemala] [poc]
Poqomam: Sureno [Guatemala] [poc]
Poqomchi' [Guatemala] - ISO Language [poh]
Poqomchi': Occidental [Guatemala] [poh]
Poqomchi': Oriental [Guatemala] [poh]
Q'anjob'al [Guatemala] - ISO Language [kjb]
Quiche: Chichicastenango [Guatemala] [quc]
Quiche: Chiquimula & Momostenango [Guatemala] [quc]
Quiche: Joyabaj [Guatemala] [quc]
Quiche: San Andres Sajacabaja [Guatemala] [quc]
Sakapulteko [Guatemala] - ISO Language [quv]
Sipakapense [Guatemala] - ISO Language [qum]
Spanish: Latin America [Colombia] [spa]
Tagalog [Philippines] - ISO Language [tgl]
Tz'utujil [Guatemala] - ISO Language [tzj]
Tz'utujil: Eastern [Guatemala] [tzj]
Tzutujil: Western [Guatemala] [tzj]
Uspanteco [Guatemala] - ISO Language [usp]

People Groups in Guatemala

Achi, Cubulco; Achi, Rabinal; Aguacatec; Americans, U.S.; Arab, Palestinian; Black Carib; Cakchiquel, Central; Cakchiquel, Eastern; Cakchiquel, Northern; Cakchiquel-Quiche, Mixed Language Speaking; Cakchiquel, Santa Maria de Jesus; Cakchiquel, Santo Domingo Xenacoj; Cakchiquel, South Central; Cakchiquel, Southern; Cakchiquel, Southwestern, Acatenango; Cakchiquel, Southwestern Yepocapa; Cakchiquel, Western; Chicomuceltec; Chorti; Chuj, San Mateo Ixtatan; Chuj, San Sebastian Coatan; Deaf; Guatemalan White; Han Chinese, Cantonese; Ixil, Chajul; Ixil, Nebaj; Ixil, San Juan Cotzal; Jacalteco; Jew, Spanish Speaking; Kanjobal, Eastern; Kanjobal, Western; Kekchi; Kiche, Central; Kiche, Cunen; Kiche, Eastern Chichicastenango; Kiche, Joyabaj; Mam, Central; Mam, Northern; Mam, Sacatepequez; Mam, Southern; Mam, Tajumulco; Mam, Todos Santos Cuchumatan; Maya, Mopan; Maya-Tektitek; Pocomam, Central; Pocomam, Eastern; Pocomam, Southern; Pocomchi, Eastern; Pocomchi, Western; Quiche, Sacapulteco; Quiche, San Andres; Quiche, Sipacapa; Quiche, West Central; Sipacapeno; Tacaneco; Tzutujil; Tzutujil, Western; Uspantec;

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