High altitude distribution in Peru

The mountains of Peru are home to many unreached people groups
The mountains of Peru are home to many unreached people groups

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Houses on the side of Peru's mountains

by Kenny McKee - GRN UK

Here's a little letter from a missionary friend who ministers in the mountains of Peru and we had sent her loads of our GRN materials over the years.

"Hi Kenny just wanted to let you know that the material you gave me was greatly appreciated. The pastor's wife Elvira took it to elderly folk in the countryside who could not read and they would love more of the recorders.

I passed out the 5fish cards for those with phones and those who spoke Quechua. I would appreciate at least one recorder with Quechua and some CDs with Quechua.

I got to visit a new area in the Quechua zone, even higher altitude, mainly to assess the disabled but gave out the App cards as well as Spanish booklets. Quite a few had little Spanish and needed interpretation.

I know reading would be a difficulty for many too so would love if you could send more of the cards and CDs in both Aymara and Quechua. My son is taking a team as far as Arequipa in July so hopefully they can take some things for me.

It's great to get your prayer letters and updates. I appreciate everything you do for us in your work. Blessings on your day. Isobel xx"

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