Prayer Guide for GRN Thailand July 2024

Hierdie bladsy is tans nie beskikbaar in Afrikaans nie.

Listening to the Gospel on an MP3 player from GRNT in her remote village brought encouragement for healing to a depressed Karen mother. She was on the verge of suicide when our recordings brought hope and peace through Jesus Christ. Pray she will grow in the Lord. Your faithfulness in prayer is bearing good fruit as more people than ever before listen to our recordings.

Thanks for taking each request to heart this month and lifting the needs to our heavenly Father.

Jon Rulison

Prayer Guide for GRN Thailand July 2024

1) (Mon) Please pray for Jaew as she prepares documents for the renewal of a visa for a volunteer of SOLF. Please continue to pray that the documents for the continuation of board members of SOLF will be approved soon by the government office.

2) (Tue) The younger son of Joshua and Gloria, Paul, was married to Kwan on June 29. Paul is a volunteer with SOLF. Kwan is Thai. Pray that Paul and Kwan will grow in Christlikeness as they begin married life.

3) (Wed) Kerry and Von have flown to the USA for home assignment and plan to return to Thailand in December 2024. Pray for good health, wisdom and safety as they begin to visit prayer partners and supporters in the USA.

4) (Thur) Vietnamese in North and Northeast Thailand: Please pray for the following: 1) Strength and good health for Pastor Tam and his wife as they visit their relatives and also Pastor Tam's mother in law who is ill, 2) Safety in travel and God's blessing for Pastor Lee and Joshua, Pastor Tam's son, as they come to Thailand 2-12 to visit GRNT and other ministries, and 3) Unity and wisdom for those serving God among the Thai and the Vietnamese, as they help the believers.

5) (Fri) Phu Thai and other groups in Sakhon Nakhon and Mukdahan Provinces: Please pray for the following: 1) God's blessing on a camp for couples with 22 couples attending, to strengthen their families as they serve God, 2) Plans made at a planning meeting last month with 4-6 people representing each province in Northeast Thailand, to go according to God's will, 3) God's help to follow up people and start new cell groups, 4) Wisdom for the cell group leaders to be able to help people grow spiritually, and 5) Much fruit from the revival meetings held last month.

6) (Sat) Lawa in Pae Village: Please pray for the following: 1) Strength and encouragement for Dough and his mother as they work in their fields and gardens, 2) See's baby, Esther to be healthy and easy to care for, and for Chat to do well in his work, 3) Unity and good understanding for the church members as they make decisions concerning plans in the church, and 4) Good health for the church leaders and all of the church members.

7) (Sun) Once a month in our office morning devotions we practice a "Love One Another" exercise. We all answer a question like, "What difficulty are you experiencing?" Then we pray for each other. Pray we will grow in thoughtfulness toward each other.

8) (Mon) Thai Song Dam (from Suphanburi Province) and other groups: Praise God that Nam Nueng passed her interview at the USA consulate to get a visa for the USA. Please pray for the following: 1) God's blessing on the Good News Club on Saturdays for children, 2) Wisdom for Ploy as she teaches the new believers, 3) Good health for the church members, especially the elderly, 4) Wisdom and God's blessing for Pastor Chalao's son Phet as he begins his final year of university, and as he looks for a good place to do his internship in Chiangmai, and 5) Nam Nueng as she prepares to go to the USA to begin her university studies.

9) (Tue) From Dan and Na Tisdale in the USA: Praise God for helping Daniel finish his Masters degree by defending his thesis on June 4th! Pray that God will clearly guide him to the job that He has prepared for him. Also pray for Na's US citizenship to come through in God's perfect timing and not get unnecessarily delayed. For example her citizenship application receipt letters were delivered to the wrong apartment where no one is currently living. The person looking after the apartments "just happened" to check the mailboxes of the empty apartments and discovered them. 

10) (Wed) Nine of the GRNT team are foreigners who need work permits and visas to live and work in Thailand under Sounds of Language Foundation. Our Thai staff process the paperwork necessary for extending our work permits and visas. They help us present ourselves to City Hall and Immigration so that we fulfil all requirements. Pray for Jaew and Muang who keep all the documentation accurate. It is a huge task that takes attention to many details!

11) (Thur) From Boy's family: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom for Boy's 3 daughters as they study, and for them to obey their parents, 2) Strength and wisdom for Boy and Aom as they serve the Lord and for them to be good examples to their daughters and neighbors, 3) The provision of finances to continue building the house for Boy's family, and 4) Good health for Boy's family.

12) (Fri) In the past MGT has visited many rural churches and joined some of them in ministry. Some churches have experienced problems and internal division. Please continue to pray for MGT to be able to visit them to encourage and help them through the difficulties they are facing.

13) (Sat) Isaan and other Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Strength, good health and wisdom for Pastor Supote and his wife as they serve God, 2) Good health and strength for June and her family, 3) A church to be planted in Nawang district in Nong Bua-lam-phu Province, 4) Wisdom, strength and encouragement for Pastor Prasit and his family as they serve God, and 5) Good health for Pastor Prasit's daughter Bee as she teaches the children at church.

14) (Sun) So Thavung Group: Please pray for the following: 1) Everyone who has heard the Gospel via recordings or Pastor Lek's team to truly trust in Jesus, 2) Sufficient rain and good crops for the farmers, 3) Good health for all of the villagers, 4) Strength and wisdom for Pastor Lek as he serves God, and for him to be able to follow up the believers in the So Thavung village, 5) Finances to repair the church building, and 6) Strength and good health for all of the church members and for Pastor Apisit's family.

15) (Mon) Ugong Group: Please pray for the following: 1) Good health for everyone in the village, especially three women, Jum, Muet and Maat, and for everyone to have peace, 2) God to bless the farmers with rain, providing sufficient water for the crops, and 3) Everyone in the village who has heard the Gospel to repent of sin and receive Jesus as their Savior.

16) (Tue) From Joshua and Gloria: Please pray for the following: 1) Both of them to be strengthened physically and spiritually, 2) The Holy Spirit to use the W3 youth ministry and the Love Touch Ministry to help expand God's kingdom through cooperation with local churches, 3) The construction of Esther Center to be completed and for the center to be used for the glory of God, 4) God to send youth who can be trained at the center, and 5) Recognizing God as the owner of Paul and Kwang's newlywed life (married 29 June), pray they can build a happy family with understanding and love for each other.

17) (Wed) Phu Thai Renu and other groups: Please pray for the following: 1) The churches to be able to make helpful products they can sell for income, 2) The believers to evangelize and make disciples first among their relatives, and on to people in every district, 2) The proclamation of the Gospel to have enduring fruit in every district, and 3) Good health for Mrs. Yun, all of God's servants, and all of the church members.

18) (Thur) From Lot's family: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom for Lot and Muang as they serve the Lord, 2) Good health for their three children and for them to walk closely with the Lord, and 3) Healing for Rappon as she receives artificial sunlight treatment twice a week for chronic sores on her hands and feet from a skin infection.

19) (Fri) Phu Thai Nakae and other groups in Nakhon Phanom: Please pray for God's help and blessing on the following: 1) The training of leaders for the "One leads two" ministry in Udonthani Province, 2) The youth ministry and building the next generation of leaders, 3) The restaurant ministry to help the community, 4) The monthly leaders' meeting in the Province, 5) Planting new churches in new locations, and 6) Using the Good News recording in the Phu Thai language to share with Phu Thai villagers in Wang Yang District.

20) (Thur) Nyaw Group: Please pray for the Nyaw believers to be strong in their faith in Christ and not discouraged in sharing Christ and His Good News with other Nyaw.

21) (Fri) Yoy and other groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Strength, good health and wisdom for Da and her husband as they serve God, 2) God's blessings as a mission team from Korea comes 22-24 July and teaches Korean in a school and at the church, with hopes that students from the school will come to the church as well, and the church can continue to share Christ with them, and 3) All of the church members to be strong in faith.

22) (Sat) Nyeu Group: Please pray for God's guidance and timing concerning plans to record the Good News script in the Nyeu language later this year.

23) (Sun) The recording team of ministry partners (not GRN staff) in a nearby country: Please pray for the following: 1) Safety in travel for the team and wisdom as they check the scripts and work on improving them, 2) The leaders to have unity with their fellow workers and within their own families, 3) The provision of all of Sarah's needs, and 4) God's blessing and protection from evil for everyone on the team.

24) (Mon) Thank God for a good English day camp held 24-27 June for students, grades 1-6, at a public school near Jaew's church. GRNT staff assisted a team from the USA. The team taught English, shared God love and several Bible stories, and gave New Testaments in Thai to many students. Please pray for the students to want to know the God they heard about and for God to guide them, that they will truly come to know Jesus and His love for them.

25) (Tue) Thai Song Dam Group in Kanchanaburi Province: Please pray for the following: 1) The children who come every week will be more loving and obedient, 2) The youth to be diligent in their studies, 3) Cooler weather so the children will have better concentration as they study, and 4) That finances for building a study room for the youth, will arrive next month.

26) (Wed) Attending the big missions and media conference that took place late May reminded us of how many resources are available and how many people are developing creative ways to share the Gospel in every corner of the world. There's so much going on that it can feel overwhelming to try to stay aware of useful innovations and approaches. Pray that the Lord will lead us to the tools He wants us to know about and the partnerships He wants us to have, so that the work all of us do is more and more effective for His glory. 

27) (Thur) Next February a training course for GRN workers from the Asia region will take place at the GRN Thailand center. Trainers will come from Australia, as well as from among the Thailand staff. The training will emphasize working as recording teams, with various members carrying out the many tasks required to make effective recordings. We will focus most heavily on methods to create content that speaks powerfully to listeners. Clair will be helping several GRN staff from several countries to prepare lessons so that they can practice training others. Pray for wisdom, creativity, and unity for everyone involved.

28) (Fri) Pray for sufficient finances in having a Christian camp for Urak Lawoi children in October this year in partnership with the Urak Lawoi believers. Pray also for improved health and strength for Urak Lawoi Pastor Ahlin.

29) (Sat) Nyah Kur and Isaan Groups: Praise God that B's blood results are normal. Please pray for the following: 1) Good health and strength for B and G, and safety in travel as they go various places, 2) The Holy Spirit to touch Thep's heart, for him to fear God, and for his wife to believe in Jesus only, 3) Strength, good health and wisdom for all of the pastors and leaders as they serve the Lord and follow up new believers, 4) Healing for Lam who is bed-ridden, and for her husband, a new believer to trust fully in the Lord, and 5) For the believers to attend church, and strength and good health for all of the villagers.

30) (Sun) From the GRNT IT Team: Please pray for wisdom for GRNT staff in checking the office equipment and making needed repairs so that everything runs well with no problems.

31) (Mon) Please pray for God's guidance and blessing for the distribution of Moken recordings in October to Moken in South Thailand.

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