Accessories for your Saber

Accessories for your Saber


The Saber has a range of optional extras for recharging the machine and loading content. See Ordering Information for how to order.

USB Cable

Update the contents of the Saber from a computer. The cable is 1m (40 inches) in length, with 5 pin mini USB series B plug at one end, and standard computer style flat USB type A plug at the other.

2GB SD Memory Card

Doubles the Saber's storage capacity, and allows content to be easily exchanged. This is a standard SD memory card. Note that 2GB is the largest capacity card that can be used in the Saber as it does not support SDHC cards (those greater than 2GB capacity).

AC to DC Adapter

Recharge the Saber from mains power. Input is from 110 volts to 240 volts AC. Output is 7.2 volts DC. Includes four interchangeable power sockets (US, UK, European and Australian) to suit most countries of the world.

12 Volt DC Adapter

Power the Saber from a 12 volt power supply such as a car battery. The cable has a 12v cigarette lighter plug at one end and 2.1mm DC power plug at the other. Also included is a battery clamp for connecting directly to the terminals of a car battery.

Solar Panel

Recharge the Saber using this solar panel with sunlight or strong fluorescent lights. Dimensions: 115mm wide, 155mm high, 20mm deep.

Battery Holder

A plug in pack to hold 4 standard D cell batteries to recharge the saber onboard battery pack. This battery pack can also be used to power the Saber. Batteries are not included.

Copy Pack

This kit facilitates copying content from a computer to as many as 7 Saber players at once. Contains a 7 port USB hub, 7 USB cables, and software.

Lock Pack

Enables Saber players to be locked to prevent alteration of content. Includes tamper-proof screws (sufficient for 50 players) to hinder the opening of the case, and special firmware to lock access to the USB port and/or SD memory card reader.

Maintenance Pack

Contains a range of parts sufficient to make repairs to multiple Saber players. Includes a quantity of replacement belts, screws, side covers and other spare parts, plus documentation and software.

Replacement Rechargeable Battery

Replacement for the internal rechargeable battery unit. It is made of three AAA cells, sealed together, with cable. Fitting this battery requires a screwdriver to open the case and remove and replace the battery strap.

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The "Saber" hand wind MP3 player - The Saber hand wind digital player is in use all over the world. It's a rugged solid state device which plays standard MP3 and WMA files.