Order from GRN Australia

Order from GRN Australia

Hierdie bladsy is tans nie beskikbaar in Afrikaans nie.

Contact us if necessary to clarify language names or shipping details, then proceed to order.

Orders may be placed online using the secure online order form at the bottom of this page. You can also place orders by phone, email, post, or in person at our Prospect office (Australia) or the centre nearest to you. Find the items you want on the Price List then submit your order. Not all items are available in all centres.

Please indicate preferred shipping method, and any other special instructions, when ordering.


For small orders, payment in advance by credit card is preferred. Otherwise, GRN will send an invoice with shipment. Terms are net 7 days from date of invoice. Payment should be made in Australian dollars or a strong currency. GRN Australia will absorb minor under and over payments due to variations in prices, shipping charges, or exchange rates.

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Note: Any additional packing and freight charges will confirmed with you separately before shipping

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GRN behandel persoonlike inligting met die grootste omsigtigheid en diskresie. Deur hierdie vorm in te dien, stem u daartoe in dat GRN hierdie inligting gebruik om u versoek te vervul. Ons sal dit nie vir enige ander doel gebruik nie, of dit aan enige ander party bekend maak nie, behalwe as dit nodig is om aan u versoek te voldoen. Sien die Privaatheidsbeleid vir meer inligting.

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